Japanese media report the BOJ will widen its target yield band for 10 year JGBs to plus/minus 0.25% – ForexLive

Nikkei with the Bank of Japan chatter (ps. Nikkei reports just ahead of BOJ meetings are usually quite reliable). 

The current band is +/-0.2%

Nikkei add that the 6tln yen ETF buy target to be dropped 

  • BOJ to say ETF purchase only in times of market turmoil

I posted on both these likely changes a little earlier (and multiple times in previous weeks):

USD/JPY getting hit, drops 30-odd points to back under 108.80 briefly. Note that one of the key challenges the Bank of Japan faces with announcing such changes (if, of course, the do) is not indicating to the market they are winding back policy accommodation … letting news like this dribble out beforehand would be a tactic to help limit an adverse market response … Japan Inc., yo).  

Join us all at ForexLive Friday 19 March for the BOJ announcement, which should be sometime after 0230GMT (maybe an hour or two after … there is no scheduled time for the announcement).   

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