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Job hunts inspire some strange search queries. When you’re looking for a job, you’ll probably turn to Google for some much-needed help. If those searches ever turned a little weird, though, you’re not alone.

New research from Zippia analyzed the most interesting search queries from each state. Speaking of which, if you’re hunting for a job, we found a handy tool that can make your job search much easier. Tap or click for the expert tools you need.

Zippia used Google Trends to find each state’s most … interesting job-related Google search. As you can imagine, some of these results are a little strange. Others are laugh-out-loud hilarious.

The funniest – and strangest – searches by state

Some states had pretty normal searches, like “driving jobs” or “Cajun jobs” (try to guess which state searched that one). Others had us raising our eyebrows. Check them out:

Connecticut How to get fired
Delaware How to win the lottery
Florida Jobs that don’t drug test
Colorado Quarter life crisis
Georgia You about to lose your job
California How to become an escort
Idaho Work memes
Iowa Good excuses
Michigan Memes for work
New York Hate my boss
Rhode Island No shave November
Tennessee Hot Topic careers
Texas Corporate goth

Thanks to this list, we learned what “corporate goth” is. We also learned just how much those sky-high rent prices are impacting Californians. We hope folks in Georgia are doing okay, too.

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Now, let’s check out some of the other results that took us off guard.

Most surprising

Check out some of these interesting searches. It seems like people across the country are interested in unique positions, like working on a pistachio farm, dipping their toes into multi-level marketing, or even moving to Canada. You’ve got to see Utah’s query.

Illinois Drinking at work
Alaska Multi-level marketing
Arizona What should I do with my life?
Georgia You about to lose your job
Hawaii Bad job
Maryland Get paid to watch Netflix
Minnesota Weird jobs
Montana Canada jobs
New Mexico Pistachio farm
New Jersey How to become a billionaire
North Carolina Mushroom jobs
Oregon How to call in sick
Pennsylvania Sleeping at work
South Carolina What makes you unique
Utah How to quit a job
West Virginia Moonshiner

There are many ways to quit a job, but it seems folks in Utah are looking for a little extra help. And who can’t relate to New Jersey’s most interesting query? Everyone wants to grow their personal wealth, after all.

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Now, let’s look at the honorable mentions. In other words, these are the states with search queries that were pretty par for the course.

Most unsurprising

When you’re looking at a list with this many twists and turns, it’s good to see some queries you’d expect. For instance, of course, Washingtonians would want to find jobs at Starbucks. After all, the multi-million dollar corporate coffee powerhouse was made in Seattle.

Plus, Louisiana’s search makes perfect sense. If you’re from any of these states, you may have typed this into the search bar. See anything familiar?

Wyoming Driving jobs
Washington Starbucks jobs
Vermont Outdoor jobs
Virginia Least stressful jobs
South Dakota Nurse jobs
Ohio Gender-neutral clothes
Oklahoma Marijuana jobs
Maine Odd jobs
Mississippi Work from home jobs
Missouri Cardinals jobs
North Dakota Interview questions and answers
Nebraska Fun jobs
Nevada Desk jobs
Louisiana Cajun jobs
Kentucky Easy jobs
Arkansas Walmart jobs
Alabama Business clothes
Indiana Side hustles from home
Kansas what do you do for fun
Massachusetts Statistician
Wisconsin Cheese jobs

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