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The job market got the much-needed push to finally embrace remote work. As a result, more and more companies are recruiting full-time remote employees. Consequently, freelance professionals have become highly in demand.

Is working remotely better than working at the office? Surely, there is no one-fit-all answer to this question. A lot of occupations do require an on-site presence and some companies may simply not be geared to organize working online. When it comes to employees, however, it looks like most workers are happier when working from home. This setup gives more control over your schedule. Good time management also means more time spent with family and friends — and more time for just yourself.

According to a recent survey by Enterprise Technology Research, the percentage of people working remotely is expected to double in 2021. So, if you are thinking about finding a remote position, now may be the perfect time. Below, we will look into some of the best remote jobs in 2021.

Highest-Paying Remote Jobs 2021

There are lots of ways to work online. Plus, as this year has shown, many of the previously in-office positions can be performed remotely.

With that, there are some jobs that seem to be the perfect match for online work — and a generous salary.


When you think of someone who sends over assignments from the beach while sipping a piña colada, you will probably be thinking of a programmer. In many ways, you won’t be wrong. When looking for a freelance or a remote job position, it’s practically impossible to not come across jobs related to programming: from software development to video game design. In most cases, these are also some of the most highly paid jobs you’ll find on the remote job market.

How do you get a job in programming? Naturally, a degree in a computer-related field would be a great base. However, it’s definitely not mandatory. What matters the most here is a good portfolio where you can showcase your previous projects.

UI/UX Designer

UI/UX designers often work together with programmers — and they too can make an excellent living working online. The job involves designing user experiences and helping people communicate with digital products. Part of the duty is interacting with customers, analyzing their experience and website processes, and implementing improvements.

How do you get a job as a UI/UX designer? Just like with programming, having a degree in the field is definitely a plus. However, if you are self-taught but have a rich portfolio of successful projects, you should have no problem landing a well-paid position.

Senior Business Analyst

Estimated salaries in this field of all the way up to $90K a year. What’s more, despite the general slowdown in business activities related to the pandemic, business analysts remain in high demand. In many ways, they are a problem solver. They evaluate the current situation that a business is in and look for ways to make it better. In the ever-changing corporate environment, companies need professional advice and guidance the most.

How do you get a job as a business analyst? A business degree tends to be a prerequisite for working in the field. What’s more, the position often requires extensive experience in a specific business field.

Project Manager

Every company needs a project manager. The job may involve taking charge of one or multiple ongoing projects. As a project manager, you will need to organize workflow, set goals and milestones, delegate responsibility, analyze productivity, and more. These used to be primarily in-house positions. However, with the development of technology, especially project management software, project managers can now also work online.

How do you get a job in project management? Generally, when it comes to any managerial position, experience is the first thing most employers will look at. However, with the shift towards a digital workplace, less-experienced candidates with a good knowledge of project management software also have a very good chance of landing a coveted position.

Virtual Attorney

A law degree has always been associated with a financially comfortable lifestyle. With that, this is probably not one of the jobs that comes to mind when you think about working remotely.

However, as the virtual workplace is expanding, it has also come to include the less likely professions. These days, a lot of companies have virtual attorney positions. While this position won’t involve going to trial in a court, you could be an estate attorney or a patent lawyer. This way, you get to experience all the benefits of being location-independent.

How do you get a job as a virtual attorney? A law degree is essential for this position. Moreover, it’s best to pick a specialization that is mostly paper-work based so that you have the option of working online.


A headhunter finds the best candidates for specific job openings. As long as companies need employees, they will also need recruitment specialists who can help fill the needed positions. However, in the changing working environment, the way headhunters work is also changing. As a lot of professions go online, so do recruiters. In fact, a lot of businesses prefer to work with remote headhunters as this lets them find valuable candidates outside their geographic location.

How do you get a job as a headhunter? Having experience in human resources, a degree in psychology, sociology, or business are definite pluses. However, the digital workplace will also favor those who know how to navigate job hunting websites, effectively conduct interviews online, know the specifics of hiring processes in different countries, and so on.


Yet another example of a job that can seamlessly transition into the online realm is an illustrator or animator. They create images and image series that can be used in a variety of fields—from television to gaming. In many cases, this job can be done online as all you need is your laptop and professional software. Animators and illustrators are often hired as freelancers but full-time remote positions with big companies are also an option. If you are looking to earn more, video gaming is a particularly lucrative field to consider.

How do you get a job as an animator/illustrator? Here, it all comes down to have a good portfolio that reflects your work and level of expertise in the related field. As mentioned earlier, those with experience in the gaming files have particularly high earning prospects.

Naturally, this is not a complete list of jobs where you can make good money online. If you are a professional in your field and welcome change, there is a high chance you can make a good living remotely in 2021. True, it will probably take some adjustment. However, this year may just be the perfect time for the transition.

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