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With the pandemic forcing organizations to move operations online, most organizations have adopted the remote work culture. Statistics show that more than 4.3 million professionals in the USA work remotely, which is 3.2% of the entire workforce. 

With that said, remote work has been one of the most crucial job trends in recent times. 

To get a remote job, the candidate must include remote work experience in the resume effectively. 

Showcasing a track record of remote working experience while emphasizing your resume skills boosts the candidate’s chance to win an interview for remote work opportunities.

In this article, we will explain the process of successfully highlighting remote skills in a resume.

Include remote skills in summary

As the summary section goes on top of a resume, hiring managers read it at first in a resume. A summary section is a 3-4 sentence paragraph containing a brief overview of the candidate’s work experience.

And it’s the best place to highlight the remote skills and work experience of the candidate. For instance:

“Detail-oriented graphic designer & project management professional with 3+ years of experience adept at managing a virtual team of skilled designers to fulfill client requirements within the stipulated budget. “

Placing the remote skills in the summary will help the recruiters to understand the candidate’s remote work experience at first glance.

Highlight the location section

A resume’s professional section includes the employer’s name, designation, employment dates, and employment location in the professional experience section as part of standard information. 

Candidates can highlight their remote experience by tweaking the Professional experience section three ways:

  • Include the company’s official address in the location section of the resume. And mentioned the remote work experience in the first bullet-point. 
  • Skip the “City, Country Code” format in the location and write “Remote” in the location section.
  • Remove the location section altogether and only mention the remote work experience as the first bullet point. 

Create a separate Remote Experience Section

Another way to highlight the remote work skills in a resume is by creating a separate remote experience section. It is preferred if the candidate has years of remote work experience. Directly seeing a separate “Remote Work Experience” section piques the hiring manager’s interest and confidence in the candidate

Highlight remote skills in the professional experience section

Another effective way to highlight remote skills is in the professional experience section. For instance, the professional experience of an SEO professional look like this:

  • Wrote content including 150+ blogs, social media content for SEO in a remote setting, and increased the website visitors by 20%

Or the remote project management skill will look like this:

  • Headed a remote team of 7 developers to create 50+ android application for our clients

Include the remote skills in the key skills section

Remote workers need to have some essential key skills.

Some remote resume skills are:

  • Project Management 
  • Team Management
  • Communication 

Additionally, remote workers need to be proficient in remote working tools such as project management tools, video conferencing tools, Document Softwares, CMS, etc.  

Example of these tools or better clubbed as Technical Skills are:

  • Project management tools: Trello, ClickUp, Asana
  • Automation Tools: Zapier,
  • Collaboration tools: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team
  • Document Software: Google Suite, Microsoft Office Suite

Highlight remote skills for inexperienced professionals

Even if the candidate does not have any remote work experience but wants to apply for a remote job, highlight the transferable skills relevant to the remote job, in the resume. For example, a remote worker needs to have: 

  • Strong communication skills 
  • Organization skills 
  • Project management skills 
  • Skills to work independently

If the candidate has previous work experience that addresses these skills, include those in the resume for remote jobs. 

Get professional help

Effectively showcasing the remote job skills is essential for getting a remote job. But it is challenging for some candidates. A professional resume writer can help the job seeker create a tailored resume and cover letter and help them land a remote job. 

Key Takeaways

Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • As the hiring manager reads the resume summary first, highlight the key remote skills in the summary section.
  • Mention the remote work experience in the work location by writing “remote” instead of “City, Country Code.”
  • If the candidate has significant remote work experience, create a separate “Remote Experience” section. 
  • Highlight the remote skills in the bullet points of the professional experience section effectively. 
  • Include the remote skills in the key skills sections and remote work tools in the technical skills section. 

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