7 best co-working spaces for remote work in Tokyo – Time Out New York Kids

Although this co-working space is located in a hotel (The Millennials in Shibuya), Andwork is open to the public, which is great news, because its modern design and abundant amenities are ideal for getting work done in style. Being in a hotel also gives this place some excellent extra perks: a nap service and a shower service. That’s right, members on a monthly plan and above can take a power nap or use a shower in one of the hotel rooms, perfect for when you need to recharge and refresh. 

On the hotel’s third floor, you’ll find the main co-working area with communal tables, sofas, booths and a terrace. On the fourth floor, there’s a lounge and a well-equipped common kitchen. Andwork Shibuya also has private phone booths, meeting rooms, and a happy hour (free beer!) for those on a daily plan and above.

Aside from Shibuya, you’ll also find Andwork in Azabu-Juban, as well as more locations around Japan in Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka, Kawasaki and Okinawa. You’ll have access to Andwork’s entire network of co-working spaces if you’re on the unlimited monthly plan or telework pod plan.

Prices: Hourly from ¥800, daily from ¥2,500, monthly from ¥20,000 (monthly membership signup fee ¥5,000)

The perks: Free hot and cold drinks, happy hour, phone booths, meeting rooms, fully equipped kitchen, shower service, nap service

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