Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, April 4 – Worcester Telegram


$465,000, 54 Depot Rd, Bedford, Ryan D, and Bedford, Cara A, to Carrero, Ruth S, and Carrero, Luis.

$285,000, 54 S Main St, Griggs, Debbie, to Creech, Dandre L, and Okumu-Creech, Angel V.

$50,000, 47 Lakeshore Dr, Hebert Brian K Est, and Peters, Lori A, to Scotland, James, and Slade, Robert S.


$234,500, 61 Ward St, Happy Homes REI LLC, to Mason, Mark.

$225,000, 28 Essex St, K&< Patriot RT, and Goodnow, Lynnette M, to Apex REI LLC.

$118,000, 168 Drury Ave, Jelley Ronald Leslie Est, and Jelley, Cheryl A, to 168 Drury Ave LLC.

$65,000, 41 Exchange St, Oakes, Stephanie, to ASC Enterprises Inc.


$525,000, 58 Pakachoag St, J Jill Development LLC, to Johnson, Corey A, and Terkowitz, Jennifer L.

$415,000, 41 Elm St, Price, Kevin P, and Kelly, Edward L, to Kelly, Michael L, and Kelly, Charissa.

$380,000, 36 Loring St, Anderson Judith A Est, and Desy, Joan M, to Bello, Francis, and Harris, Veronica.

$180,000, 40 Waterman Rd, Laliberte, Teresa A, to Nguyen, Rosa.

$101,325, 64 Harrison Ave, Deutsche Bk Natl TCo Tr, to Keenan-Ross, James.


$449,690, 249 Wauwinet Rd, Sullivan, Timothy W, and Harrison-Partners, John, to Shortsleeve, Michael, and Shortsleeve, Vera.

$325,000, 90 James St, Herbing LLC, to Coombes, Edward P.


$780,000, 96 Ball Hill Rd, Moraitis, Dimitrios, and Moraitis, Flora, to Kastner, Joshua, and Kastner, Allison.

$320,000, 11 Village Ln #11, Belfer-Shevett, David E, and Congo, Mariama, to Collins, Sara L, and Hewett, Carol A.


$319,900, 54 Blackstone St, Hill, Charlie P, and Hill, Laura E, to Sjolin, Michael J, and Devanney, Shelby N.

$315,000, 2 Kanatha St, Armstrong, Ronald, and Theroux, Linda, to Martin, Brittany.

$310,000, 4 Saint Germain Ave, Blackstone Rentals LLC, to Niermeyer, Steven.


$810,000, 59 Danforth Ln, Fenway RT, and Hochman, Clifford S, to Helman, Kaitlyn, and Helman, Jacob.

$565,000, 57 Pinewood Rd, Ayres, Patrick, to Mccorkle, Daniel, and Champlain, Allie.

$555,000, 126 Oak Trl, Foley, Paul C, and Scalia, Eugene, to Dossantos, Anderson.


$150,000, 20 Palmer Rd, Adams, Lincoln G, to Adams, Lee W, and Adams, Susan E.

$89,900, Janes Hill Cross Rd, Garreffa, Dominick A, to Hanson, Brett, and Hanson, Jana.

$55,000, Apple Rd, Porra, Paul P, and Porra, Carol A, to K&M Inc.

$29,000, Saint George Rd #7A, Woods, Maria, to Gordon, Jared M.


$479,900, 30 Hycrest Rd, Modern Structures Inc, to Londregan, Jonathan, and Londregan, Olivia.

$235,000, 16 Dresser Hill Rd, Buzzell, Michael J, and Buzzell, Stephanie D, to Hastings, William E, and Batchelder, Katerina A.


$289,900, 512 Ridgefield Cir #C, Wood, Michael, and Wood, Laura, to Donlon, David W, and Donlon, Barbara A.


$346,000, 100 Linden St, Taylor, William T, and Williamson, Carla L, to Martinez-Barrera, Wilson, and Agreda-Aguirre, Tomasa.


$560,000, 40 Fish Rd, Healy, John P, to DJT Properties LLC.

$476,000, 3 Stebbins Dr, T Reardon Builders Inc, to Audet, James, and Audet, Gloria.

$375,000, 38 Schofield Ave, V&J LLC, to Martinez, Florinda.

$180,000, 20 Central Ave, Goncalves, Antulio O, to Albinson, Eric.

$79,333, 25 Nelco Ave, Lambiras, Marcy, to Pablico, Jaimie L, and Pablico, Emil.

East Brookfield

$145,000, 160 N Brookfield Rd, Bayliss FT, and Lee, Steven, to Brookmaple LLC.


$514,200, 392 Williams Rd, Greenstone Realty LLC, to Cameron, James, and Cameron, Meghan E.

$450,000, 114 Plymouth St, Njeri, Lee, to Iwano, Daniel.

$385,000, 218-222 Laurel St, Cuello, Emmanuel, and Tavarez-Contreras, Argeni, to Percy, Ellis N.

$320,000, 84 Pacific St, Piece Of The Earth LLC, to Iwano, Daniel.

$220,000, 52 Sunrise Ave, Cormier, Karen, to Coffey, Colin R, and Prentiss, Miranda A.

$140,000, 29 Goddard St, Phaneuf, Charles A, to Dauntless Path LLC.

$60,000, 9 Highland Ave, Act Too Plt LLC, to Jiri LLC.


$880,000, Mill St, Pail Factory LLC, to Community Health Connectn.

$345,000, 197 Nichols St, Miner, Gary P, and Miner, Jean A, to Golloshi, Eftiona.

$305,000, 3 Beech St, BHB Group LLC, to Thibodeau, Richard.

$275,000, 101 Lennon St, Macneil, Dylan R, and Macneil, Heather, to Caron, Charles, and Caron, Ann E.

$274,900, 395 West St, Islam, Shamsul, to Lekas, Tony A.

$261,374, 60 Catherine St, Edgewater Const Inc, to Pena, Joanna T, and Aponte, Ramon.

$221,000, 398 Parker St, B&B RT, and Boone, James S, to Strachan, Deborah-Jean.

$204,000, 255-R Sherman St, Heather L Mount LT, and Mount, Heather L, to Leesha, James, and Leesha, Maxine.

$172,000, 25 Century Way #25, Carrero, Ruth, and Carrero, Luis, to Mooar, Shayne R.

$57,000, 60 Walnut St, Pena, Neftali C, to Gregory Royal Rehabs Inc.


$835,000, 19 Clearview St, Whittemore Homes LLC, to Pohl, Calvin, and Yip, Elaine J.

$680,355, 25 Elmrock Dr, Wheelrock LLC, to Krishnan, Jyothi, and Ramesh, Roshan.

$644,449, 27 Elmrock Dr, Wheelrock LLC, to Maalik, Faisal, and Mateen, Rabia.

$455,000, 47 Hingham Rd, Woodward, William J, and Woodward, Nohad, to Mariano, Nicholas J.

$262,700, 381 Providence Rd, Lillian M Dziembowski FT, and Geneva, Joanne, to Farineau, James M.


$232,000, 2240-2242 Barre Rd, Talancy Walter Est, and Brown, Scott D, to Meyer, Nicholas, and Meyer, Richard.

$225,000, 1167 Lower Rd, Merton B Baker RT, and Baker, Merton B, to Camp, Isaac J, and Camp, Benjamin.


$463,000, 138 South Rd, Pickoff Properties LLC, to Giggey, Brendon M, and Giggey, Erica.

$449,000, 38 Tea Party Cir #38, Chaffin Pond Dev LLC, to Raymond, Arthur J, and Raymond, Debra A.

$407,600, 32 Tea Party Cir #32, Chaffin Pond Dev LLC, to Rosenthal, Henry D, and Rosenthal, Elaine M.

$365,000, 5 Ridgewood Rd, Harris, Beverly, to Rullan, Jesie M, and Rodriguez, Alberto.

$345,000, 7 Country Hill Rd #7, J F&Maryjo Moon RET, and Moon, James F, to Mbugua, Monica.

$235,000, 101-B Main St, Bove, Lydia J, to Brown, James V.


$415,000, 33 Lee Ave, RCN Capital Funding LLC, and Elmore Realty Svcs LLC, to Scully, Brian, and Scully, Ellen.


$258,000, 11 Prentiss Hill Rd, Prentiss, John K, to Rowe, Denise L, and George-Rowe, Leslie.


$480,000, 121 Brook St, Guzman-Ortego, Gerardo, to Bostick, Richard G, and Bostick, Jessica.

$471,000, 17 Still Dr, Hansen, Eric, and Hansen, Heather, to Leonard, Cory N, and Belsky, Erika L.

$405,000, 6 Rotherham Way #F, Galligan Janis M Est, and Martin, Kathleen, to Hurley, William F, and Pearson, Cheryl.


$617,500, 43 Hawthorne Ln, Melanson Bros Inc, to Samuelson, Heath R, and Samuelson, Stephanie S.


$12,000, 214 Auburn St, Hickey, Michael T, and Hickey, Dorothy R, to Birtz FT, and Birtz, John P.


$625,000, 228 Hill St, Jayne M Smith FT, and Smith, Jayne M, to Slaoui, Tarik, and Slaoui, Hajar.

$449,000, 21 Regina Dr, Molina, Tony, to Valadao, Michele.

$395,000, 19 Fairview St, Lilac Homes LLC, to Miller, David A, and Miller, Melverton D.

$381,000, 39 Princeton St, 39 Princeton T, and Richard, Wayne, to Berube, Joseph M.

$380,000, 19 Sharimar Dr, Phillips, Shawn T, to Kea, Sophal.

$330,000, 53 Austin St, Wong, Michael J, and Mercadante, Talia R, to Wakeyo, Dereje, and Lemma, Haregewoin.

$330,000, 99 Belair Hts, Taylor, Joshua J, to Marbourg, Jessica M.

$327,500, 30 Claflin St, EK Real Estate Fund 1 LLC, to Sae-So, Gina L, and So, Tanachot S.

$205,000, 212 Bayberry Hill Ln #212, Longtail RT, and Faulkner, Martha A, to Dufour, Judith.

$180,000, 14 Fernwood Dr #F, Mcculley, Patricia A, to Chan, Mariah Y, and Towler, Matthew R.

$180,000, 372 Litchfield St, Panzarella, Erminia E, to Davis, Ulin E.

$165,000, 301 Hill St, Farquhar James F Est, and Farquhar, James F, to Chartier, Marcel, and Chartier, Michelle.


$400,000, 610 Mulpus Rd, Matley, Thomas E, to Davis, Brent W.

$140,000, 143 Whalom Rd, Donaghy Shawn P Est, and Aube, Elaine M, to Centura Bay LLC.


$682,000, 148 Barnard Rd, Raymond J Jarvis RET, and Jarvis, Raymond J, to Safranovitch, Mikhail, and Gameng, Mary R.

$466,000, 102 Winter St, Kelly, Michelle, to Bigelow, Craig, and Bigelow, Shaelena.

$446,000, 24 Whispering Brook Rd #24, Bannon, F Elizabeth, to Russo, Ruth M.

$334,000, 3 Middle St, Withrow, Kirti, to Brewington, Jeff C, and Brewington, Kalysta E.

$206,000, 259 Boston Post Rd E #8, Hart, Kristofer E, to D&S RT, and Allen, David.


$100,000, 5 Hartford Ave W, Nuttall, Randi W, to North Pond LLP.

$100,000, Mowry St #2, Nuttall, Randi W, to North Pond LLP.


$600,000, 267 Main St, 267 Main Street LLC, to S&J Gulf LLC.

$462,000, 40 Princeton Dr, Stanford, Brianna, and Stanford, Brian C, to Hallinan, Justin, and Klinger, Brittney.

$431,000, 6 Ramble Rd, Hobin, James F, and Hobin, Kathleen A, to Marlowe, Bret A, and Logan, Katie R.

$410,000, 155 Purchase St, Machado, Jose P, and Machado, Rosaine, to Monterroso, Argentina O, and Lopez-Domingo, Nery.

$370,000, 136 Beaver St #136, Amato, Andrew J, and Lombardi, Christina A, to Pace FT, and Pace, Doreen M.

$362,000, 19 Grant St, Mazzarelli, Gail A, and Mazzarelli, Richard H, to Oliveira, Tayrone C, and Oliveira, Lidia P.


$495,000, 6 Bill Graham Ln, Schold, Christine, to Gasco, Brittany, and Gasco, Keith.

$324,900, 41 W Main St, TRM Realty LLC, to Nascimento, Pablo.

$300,000, 85 Elmwood St, N J R&E P Gaulin IRT, and Gaulin, Kevin D, to Lauder, Kim M.

$220,000, 66 Miles St, Ogassian Bernice M Est, and Eilert, Winnie T, to Pearson Development Corp.

$21,331, 93 Elmwood St, Gaimari, Michael J, and Gaimari, Lisa C, to Gaimari, Michael J.

North Brookfield

$267,000, 12 Saint Claire Ave, Mcpherson, Marielena, and Mcpherson, Brian, to Reid, Whitney D.

$250,000, 18 Bigelow Rd, Gobi, Robert M, to Miner, Darryl M.

$60,000, 11 Old West Brookfield Rd, Wales, Jessica, to Pontbriand, Ryan, and Forgit, Hannah.

$50,000, 13 Forest St, Murphy, James J, to Filipkowski, Robert, and Filipkowski, Betty L.


$627,500, 88 Wesson Ter, Vyankatrao-Pethe, Vishwas, and Sanjana, Sheetal, to Landgren, Michael C, and Landgren, Stefanie.

$425,000, 20 Woodland Rd, Landgren, Michael C, and Landgren, Stefanie S, to Dimino, Anthony J, and Dimino, Jennifer.

$385,000, 12 Riley Rd, Wise, Christopher L, to Noda, Tokufumi J, and Ueda, Tae.

$303,000, 10 Allison Rd #10, Maguire RT, and Maguire, Todd, to Wolfe, Joshua, and Wolfe, Annmarie.

$250,100, 29 Riley Rd, Rudsit, John E, and Rudsit, Mary E, to New Home Investments LLC.

$60,000, 39 Westbrook Rd, Loretta, Scott M, and Loretta, Sharon L, to Loretta, Scott M.


$480,000, 235 Sand Trap Ct #235, Galloway Elizabeth A Est, and Wilding, Nita M, to Nealon, Robert, and Nealon, Jennifer.

$385,000, 603 Sutton St, Lahair, David P, and Lahair, Lauren, to Dwyer, John.

$248,000, 40-42 Railroad St, Bosma NT, and Bosma, Marlene J, to Brett, William G, and Hoover, Andrea.

$247,000, 106 Providence Rd, Mcauliffe, Brenda A, to Nguyen, Hoa, and Huynh, Duc N.

$215,000, 66 High St, Diplomat Prop Manager LLC, to Tsimogiannis, Thomas.

$40,000, 307 Benson Rd, Berkowitz, Jenna F, to Berkowitz, James J.


$265,000, 52 Putnam St, Romano, Francis, and Romano, Sharon D, to Rosenbaum, Adam, and Rosenbaum, Lorena.

$236,000, 34 Mechanic St, Velez-Rivera, Sebastian, to Grossi, Joseph, and Grossi, Joslyn.

$209,000, 38 Dexter St, Riendeau, Maureen A, to Silva, Kevin, and Silva, Edith.

$82,000, 15 Johnson Rd, Vorce, Jay N, and Vorce, Gail A, to Cutler, Christal.

$20,000, Benham St #102-10, Salvetti, Brent R, to Oliver, Stephen J.

$20,000, Benham St #107-11, Salvetti, Brent R, to Oliver, Stephen J.


$301,000, 2 Old Cudworth Rd, Roldan, Maria S, to Baker, Myrtha, and Baker, Gerald.

$183,148, 13 Mayfair Cir, Tanguay Ronald S Est, and Hall, Lynda J, to US Bank NA Tr.


$70,000, 3 East Rd, Schofield, Mark, to Rudy, Laura M, and Rudy, Theodore D.


$469,900, 326 Mountain Rd, Paquet, Keith A, to Ceredona, Adam.


$30,000, Warwick Rd, Deline, John M, to Mallet, Andrew, and Mallet, Jaimee.


$400,000, Sassawanna Rd, Worcester Natural History, to Sassawanna Lake LLC.

$312,000, 8 Anthony Dr, Coons, Debra A, to Berti-Gaudette, Franciane.

$93,000, Welch Ave #3, Besse, Carl E, and Besse, Bonnie B, to Tourigny, Jacob, and Haskins, Haley.


$3,100,000, Hartford Tpke, Route 20 NT, and Realejo, Kelly, to Demoulas Super Markets.

$550,000, 129 Spring St, Cariglia LT, and Cariglia, Dianne, to Apelian, Daniel.

$478,000, 69-71 Elm St, Green, Joseph, and Green, Ilse, to Green, Darrel, and Green, Diane.

$447,500, 51 Main Cir #3, Sable Property Group LLC, to Faustina, Misha.

$445,000, 30 Millwood Dr, Jones, Brandon C, and Wronski, Kim W, to Thapa, Madhab, and Thapa, Roshani.

$415,000, 59 Washington St, Lepercq, Etienne, and Fortin, Emanuelle, to Chen, Tian J, and Jia, Hui.

$375,000, 33 Richard Ave, Lewis, Jeffrey M, to Belculfini, Paul.

$300,000, 368 Walnut St, Alpha Re Lending LLC, and Sousa Properties LLC, to Alpha RE Lending LLC.


$1,075,000, 83 Main St, Martin, Peter G, and Martin, Robin J, to Kuklis, Stephen J, and Kuklis, Kristen L.

$305,500, 11 Cross St, Mello Carol C Est, and Mello, Holly L, to Delbuona, Brittany Z, and Delbuona, Daniel.


$419,000, 191 Marcy St, Knutelski, Mariusz, and Knutelski, Elzbieta, to Kusi, Vera.

$345,000, 51 Brentwood Dr, Bernardone, Donna M, to Ramos, Nathalie.

$280,000, 11 Pleasant St, Molina Group Inc, to F&> RE Associates LLC.

$260,000, 40 Guelphwood Rd, Kearney, Michael R, to Violette, Michael J, and Giraldo, Yenit P.

$151,000, 26 Forest Ave, FNMA, to 5 Guys Flips Inc.


$316,000, 103 Hastings Rd, Brown, Rosswell C, and Brown, Lisa M, to Pprimmer, Erica A, and Heckman, Emmett A.

$244,110, 45 Kingsbury Rd, Abraham, Thomas M, and Abraham, Sharon, to Markarian, Jeffrey.

$125,000, 60 Wilson St, Guenette, Katherine M, and Pizon, Edward S, to Anderson, Robert W.

$116,000, 11 Franklin St, Pearl A Beland IRT, and Beland, Jason T, to AHA Properties SPE LLC.


$312,500, 296 Princeton Rd, Braley, Michael B, and Braley, Katherine G, to Bakerlis, Kassey A, and Ambrosio, Elson O.


$640,000, 227 Podunk Rd, AH&DB Custom Homes Inc, to Pfizenmaier, Rachael A, and Pfizenmaier, Todd.

$426,000, 170 Podunk Rd, Supernant Donald D Est, and Luukko, Amy H, to Mccue, Ryan, and Fonseca, Samantha.


$725,000, 285 Putnam Hill Rd, Duckey Properties LLC, to Nuri, Blerta, and Xhengo, Donald.


$265,000, 43 Orchard Ln, Curley, Joseph, and Curley, Lauren, to Owiredu, Justice, and Owiredu, Carlie P.

$240,000, 9 Forest St, Arsenault, Nathan, to Hedstrom, Brad C, and Hedstrom, Cassandra M.

$180,000, 25 Day Mill Dr #25, Beland, Jeannette Y, to Manning-Comerford, Willia.

$125,000, 23 Conti Ave, Parker, Jason R, and Devaney, Jennifer A, to Deblois, Peter J.


$83,000, 5 Turnpike Rd #334, Diflumeri, Robert, to Ramesh, Diah M.


$709,000, 4 Pine St, Tate, Lori J, and Tate, Scott M, to Corbin, James D, and Corbin, Melissa L.

$655,000, 20 Rockdale Hill Cir, LRB Acquisition LLC, to Mckenzie, Laura, and Mckenzie, Stewart.

$640,000, 78 Mendon St, Binder, James, and Binder, Sinead, to Arts, Peter, and Arts, Onalie.

$289,000, 120 High St, Zink, Nora, to Kaimon, Michael F, and Kalmon, Edna M.

$142,000, 25 Elm St, Chamberlain, Scott K, to Chamberlain, Scott K, and Gillespie, Wendy K.


$485,000, 30 Heritage Rd, Mehta, Manjri D, and Mehta, Dilipkumar R, to Leblanc, Louis J, and Leblanc, Kimberly.

$435,000, 130 Mendon St, Redd, James, to Tzeremes, Vasilios.

$415,000, 94 Rivulet St, Glass, Brittany, and Gingras, Thomas P, to Farrer, Julie T, and Farrer, David J.

$341,000, 33 Olde Canal Way #33, Peacock, James M, and Peacock, Beth A, to Nichols, David M, and Nichols, Carolann.

$215,000, 22 Douglas St, Cumberland Farms Inc, to 3 P Properties LLC.


$675,000, 142 West St, Madigan Sean M Est, and Madigan, Robert E, to Martins, Carlos F, and Martins, Maria M.

$675,000, 143 Main St, Madigan Sean M Est, and Madigan, Robert E, to Martins, Carlos F, and Martins, Maria M.

$296,500, 94 South St, Tombor, Andrew, and Tombor, Martha W, to Stueve, John J.

$180,000, 21 Willow St, Gaudette, Mark R, and Perrier, Paula A, to Cunningham, Susan J.

$85,000, 17 Pine St, USA HUD, to Dimiero, Brad M.


$200,000, Forrest Ave, Robertson, Seth J, and Sole-Plasa, Maria M, to Robertson, Seth J.

$200,000, Southbridge Rd, Robertson, Seth J, and Sole-Plasa, Maria M, to Robertson, Seth J.


$690,000, 155 Thompson Rd, Longvall, Craig A, to Buckley Realty LLC.

$460,000, 95 Killdeer Rd, Hopkins, Felicia C, and Hopkins, Nicholas P, to Lahair, David, and Lahair, Laura.

$350,000, 3 Jackson Rd, Volis, Peter J, and Mccullough, Jordan, to Patel, Jignesh, and Patel, Riki J.

$328,000, 35 Poland St, Martins, Fernando C, to Union, Jacob.

$320,000, 318 School St, Carter Estate Mgmt LLC, to Blute, James.

$300,000, 302 Killdeer Rd, Cimoch, Joseph B, and Cimoch, Maureen C, to Smith, Cameron R, and Smith, Colleen C.

$290,000, 13 Morris St, Smith, Gregory J, and Smith, Maryellen, to Rivera, Maritza.

$275,000, 38 Brook St, Sanchez-Contreras, Maria, to Dao, Kimberly.

$190,000, 11 Deslauriers Ave, Sarkisian, Duke A, and Sarkisian, Teresa L, to Abruzzise, Kristina.

$175,000, 130 Gore Rd #2, Weil, Richard G, and Weil, Erica L, to Suntaug RT, and Milne Law PC Tr.

$155,000, 21 Elm St, US Bank NA, to Go America LLC.

$92,000, 37 Market St, Furey RET, and Furey, Gregory A, to Market Properties LLC.

$80,000, 17 Brodeur Ave, Wajer, Paul R, to Pelletier, Bryan P, and Pelletier, Sharon B.

West Boylston

$435,000, 250 Worcester St #4, Curley, Joseph R, to Ahern, Shannon E.

$275,000, 7 Blake Ave, Foster, Daniel C, and Hall, Emma K, to Searles, Shawn D.

West Brookfield

$206,000, 12 Clearview Dr, Sherman Mark L Est, and Hicks, Jeffrey S, to Westbrook Prop Mgmt LLC.


$632,500, 21 Oldham Rd, Wirtenson, Daniel R, and Guerra, Nicolas D, to Scheffler, Emma, and Scheffler, Thomas.

$600,000, 3-5 Harrison Ave, Shimkus, Michael J, to Russak, Jason, and Russak, Andrea.

$560,000, 29 Quick Farm Rd, Azzouni, Laith S, and Afaneh, Areege, to Azzouni, Laith S.

$510,000, 9 Eli Whitney St, Williams, Denise E, and Galipeau, Paul R, to Mittal, Rahul, and Mittal, Nidhi.

$372,925, 11101 Peters Farm Way #11101, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC, to Cisek 2007 FT, and Cisek, Joseph P.

$130,000, 21 South St #27, Round, Robert J, to Keaveney, Paul S.


$579,900, 11 White Pine Dr, Traditional Concepts Inc, to Wood, Michael R, and Wood, Laura A.

$280,000, Worcester Rd #2B, Wuoti IRT, and Wuoti, Jason A, to Normandin Group LLC.

$280,000, Worcester Rd #2C, Wuoti IRT, and Wuoti, Jason A, to Normandin Group LLC.

$225,000, 7 Crestview Ln #7, Allen Joanne Est, and Amaral, Rebecca, to Piscione, Michael.


$340,000, 160 Glenallen St, Terkelsen, Dale A, and Terkelsen, Megan B, to Pereira, Joseph M.

$280,000, 129 Benjamin St, Kelly, Anthony, to Derleth, Joshua.

$110,000, Russell Farm Rd, Commonwealth Asset Grp, to Turnbaugh, Emma A.

$52,500, Benjamin St, Chodin, Shirley M, to Barkley Enterprises LLC.

$33,000, Mill Glen Rd, Lineen, Anita J, to Ashoryn LLC.


$725,000, 53 William St, Cold Harbor Realty LLC, to 53 William Street LLC.

$600,000, 339 Shrewsbury St, Grilla, Mark A, and Grilla, Annunzia, to O&> Realty LLC.

$530,000, 4 Diamond St, Alhamdani, Anas F, and Aljumaili, Sama S, to Osorio, Elldy M, and Mejia-Deosorio, Susana B.

$483,000, 59 Dover St, A A Zamarro FT, and Zamarro, Amerigo, to Alperin, Yan.

$414,900, 15 Maybrook Pl, Paul, Charles A, and Pozzessere, Maryanne, to Vu, Tuyetanh.

$410,000, 7 Prentice St, Gedman, Judy M, to Curley, Eugene P.

$403,000, 34 Shelby St, Mero John A Est, and Mills, Stephen E, to Shah, Tejas J, and Luc, Thu A.

$400,000, 29 Fairhaven Rd, Rubin, Maria L, to Cassina, Daniela, and Cabral-Reyes, Euclides.

$389,000, 16 Merrick St, Semrin, Ziyad, and Semrin, Emad, to Alicea, Juan L.

$380,000, 224 Providence St, Hood, Brian L, and Hood, Tina M, to Potvin, Brandon.

$375,000, 33 Amherst St, Nagatti, David, and Nagatti, Orna, to Orelien, Valerio, and Orelien-Ecube, Johanne.

$370,000, 95 Green Hill Pkwy, Boucher, Robert A, and Boucher, Judith A, to Silver Lion LLC.

$360,000, 25 Croydon Rd, Ethel R Swedberg IRT, and Swedberg, Kim M, to Merchant, Edward J, and Merchant, Jane B.

$359,865, 26 Hancock St, Ayers, Thomas, and Almonte, Cristina I, to Mckeegan, Robert.

$355,555, 64 Indian Hill Rd, Lauring, Christopher J, and Lauring, Molly, to Beqo, Angjelina, and Beqo, Mexhit.

$345,000, 7-A Rudolph St, Sarpong, Yaa, and Twombly-Lee, Mark, to Asirifi, Beatrice.

$330,000, 615 Sunderland Rd, Flamuraj, Herolind, to Rivera, Rey A, and Famania, Sonia.

$320,000, 134 Chester St, Belsito, Juliette, and Belsito, David, to Doskocil, Christian, and Doskocil, Kelsy.

$320,000, 2 4th St, Altamirano, Diana A, to Reyes, Kateria.

$312,500, 46 Leeds St, Mahoney, Steven P, and Mahoney, John J, to Chung, Kenny.

$305,000, 161 Warner Ave, England, Jason, and England, Sabrina, to Maldonado, Alex T, and Salgado-Melendez, Aleydis.

$300,000, 110 Heywood St, Lapomardo, Michael, and Lapomardo, Mark A, to Carbonneau, Edward J.

$300,000, 9 Durant Way, Epstein, Diane M, to Specht, Kayla.

$296,000, 10 Beverly Cv, 97 Coburn Realty LLC, to Sebastian, Shite.

$295,280, 7 Lilac Ln, Nichols FT 2018, and Nichols, Ann M, to Gilbert, Robert A, and Smyth, Debborah E.

$268,000, 2 Catalpa Cir, Ramos, Joel, and Ramos, Nathalie, to Lopez, Keydi Y.

$264,500, 464 Coburn Ave, Ding Properties LLC, to Veira, Keyrollaine K.

$255,000, 8-B Stowell Ave, Hubert, Inna, and Hubert, Elliott W, to Burokas, Ross.

$250,000, 33 Dominion Rd #1, Silver Tree Realty LLC, to Dowell, William A.

$235,000, 17 Souther Dr, Waldron, Brittany M, to Mastrapasqua, Corey E, and Gaudreau, Carleigh R.

$200,000, 164 Madison St, Esper, Gail, and Esper, Joy A, to Nisa Inc.

$200,000, 166 Madison St, Esper, Gail, and Esper, Joy A, to Nisa Inc.

$199,531, 46 Valley View Ln, Kirwin, John P, and Richard-Kirwin, Leann C, to Digioia, Luigi.

$179,900, 340 Sunderland Rd #34, Elizabeth D Krikorian RET, and Krikorian, Gail L, to Peris, Mark.

$155,000, 10 Rutledge St #3D, Lieran Investment LLC, to Cheng, Xiaoning, and Fan, Xiaoyin.

$150,000, 26 June St, Pace, Theodora V, and Ermillio, Alexandra E, to Rougas, Karen J.

$115,000, 9 Fairfield St, Fournier, Paul F, and Fournier, Angelina M, to 9 Fairfield Street LLC.

$110,000, 70 Southbridge St #813, Duran, Miguel A, to 1151-C309 LLC.

$80,000, Brooks St #2, Wyman, Robert K, to RKS Development LLC.

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