Summit County, Akron real estate sales: Here’s what homes sold for during January – Akron Beacon Journal

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The following real estate sales were recorded by the Summit County fiscal office for the fourth week of January 2021. All data comes from the county.


839 Harrison Ave, Brown Yvonne to Abc Roofing Inc, $10,000

335 Lockwood St, Dills Danny A to Underwood Eddie, $25,000

79 W Burns Ave, Morris Ernestine to DT Jr Investments, $20,000

694 Dorchester Rd, Peavy Valerie M to Maille Roza, $143,000

1140 Tulip St, Re Nuz Inc to Coblentz Clay P, $62,500

1686 Faye Rd, Rosen Ryan M to Giltz Daniel K, $165,000

531 Beacon St, Kroah Evelyn to Ervin Lindsay A, $10,000

1585 Claudia Ave, Kukuk Wallace E Co Trustee to Timmons Tai Lee, $34,000

2621 Belair Dr, Gillentine Maclain P to Zimmerman Jeffrey, $155,000

924 Schocalog Rd, Cramer Timothy S to Wick Robert Matthew, $133,000

2350 Eastlawn Ave, Davis Catherine R to Bowman Paul Philip, $93,500

829 Portage Lakes Dr, Brackett James to Miklovich Jennifer, $99,000

1158 Thorndale Dr, Regueiro Joseph M to Regueiro Joseph M, $60,000

295 Melbourne Ave, Peterson Teresa M to Comunale Stephen A, $39,900

85 E Brookside Ave, Volett Enterprises LLC to Robinson Rahshod, $98,000

2954 Stanley Rd, Marrone Lindsay A to Marrone Lindsay A, $102,160

1317 Steve Dr, Austin Randy M to Murgatroyd Brandon Lee, $250,000

719 & 721 Annapolis Ave, Scenic Way Properties LLC to Lama Arjun, $87,500

71 Frances Ave, Davidson James S to Sanders William E, $14,500

243 & 245 Fremont Ave, Miller Nicholas to Smith Richard K, $134,900

2141 Chuckery Ln, Turner Cody Dallas to Kostenko Yurii, $650,000

2450 Cooledge Ave, Wells Erik C to Lee Eric, $122,000

5081 Concord Dr, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Venters Yuri, $586,010

1049 Jason Ave, Atkins Cheryl S to Baja Bound LLC, $21,000

203 Davenport Ave, Mosley Robert K to Secrest Susan E, $132,000

588 Robinette Ct, Lowther Joseph J to MTM Real Estate Investors LLC, $20,500

118 Middlebury Ave, Constantino Michael to New Generation Homes Inc, $32,000

3339 Stanley Rd, Beiting Antonio to Ligas Jason M, $420,000

367 Ripley Ave, Pease Megan E to Crews Kevin, $116,600

882 Cree Ave, Gibson Beverly D to Kings James IV LLC, $33,000

607 Sumatra Ave, Newberry Judith A to Carr Joseph, $50,000

673 Senn Dr, Slabaugh Debra L to Murphy Andrew Ryan, $152,000

57 Meadowcroft Dr, Oberheu Taber to Simonson Michael L, $133,000

404 Hilbish Ave, Miller Nicholas Allen to Bonnette Rebecca Leanne, $139,900

428 Aqueduct St, Funk Herman Lee to Campf Daniel, $190,000

1715 Hampton Rd, Groves Brandy to Losa Investments Ltd, $65,000

1379 Laffer Ave, Chalker Investments LLC to Lre LLC, $22,000

1094 Himelright Blvd, Reliable Auto Sales of Akron Ltd to Copeland Tanica Shawntae, $13,000

1117 Juneau Ave, Reliable Auto Sales of Akron Ltd to Copeland Tanica Shawntae, $13,000

531 Akins Ct, Tudorache Bogdan to Sheeler Joshua A, $36,000

3270 Mogadore Rd, Pickering William F II to Rearick Mitchell A, $165,000

629 Ranney St, U S Bank to LTTB Realty LLC, $28,560

1135 Herman Ave, Tarpley Benita J to Barnett Rachel A, $58,000

877 Iona Ave, Bodner Beth to Phillis Mitchell A, $18,000

3529 Carper Ave, Chafe Melinda L to Brown Gary, $117,900

4612 Provens Dr, Blackie Jerry N to Turner Jason P, $143,000

2839 S Main St, New Day Realty LLC to Congrove Kyle, $105,000

283 Noah Ave, May Tanner to SFR3 Aic LLC, $41,000

658 Inman St, Altizer Gerald to New Generation Homes Inc, $32,000

2045 Lake St, Talbott Edward A Trustee to Morris Marissa R, $157,500

2340 SW 21st St, Voros Kellie to King James IV LLC, $50,000

1579 Oakwood Ave, Kinipela Properties LLC to Mohanty Anupama, $80,000

996 Caddo Ave, Martter Deborah A to Carson Emma A, $80,000

351 Wildwood Ave, Freeman Andrew Jerome to Malli Kamaljit, $72,900

576 Garry Rd, Jones Sherri Lee to Comfort Homes North LLC, $20,000

769 Patterson Ave, Bell Joanne C to Elite Home Remodels LLC, $40,200

808 Seward Ave, Stone Charles L to Semgen Holdings LLC, $12,861

1395 Sugar Knoll Dr, Woodyard Jack T to Larkins Adam, $590,000

1454 Chippewa Ave, White Anna L to Divvy Homes Warehouse A LLC, $85,000

3227 Albrecht Ave, Jackson Russell M to Pickard Dennis L, $129,000

402 Brewer Ave, Roberts Nicola S to Roberts Jacob, $73,000

1599 Treetop Trl, Fisher Ulia M to Kocevar Christopher C, $75,000

647 Glendora Ave, Ect Properties LLC to Light Center Recovery LLC, $70,000

998 Collinwood Ave, Rogers Tameka to Vargas Kathy, $130,000

350 Wildwood Ave, Khalif Campbell LLC to SFR3 Aic LLC, $15,000

888 Peckham St, Peterson Matthew to Ugonwa Bonaventure, $42,000

459 Dennison Ave, Equity Trust Custodian FBO Sean R Cemm to Lushbaugh Patrick A, $98,800

1561 Bronson Rd, Robinson Starr T to Sansonetti Anthony J, $108,000

597 Alpha Ave, Edwards Kelly to SFR3 Aic LLC, $32,500

2221 SW 6th St, Mace Brian B to Easter Anton D, $94,900

470 Allyn St, Front Range Properties LLC to White Sydney Rae, $137,500

53 Ellet Grove Rd, Hanlin Michael to Harris Tyler R, $59,900

1909 Krumroy Rd, Christian Ryan to Bowers Ryan, $252,000

1204 Joy Ave, Colvin Classie to Turner Shirley, $12,000

3486 Carper Ave, Huff Bethan to Christian Ryan K, $95,000

809 Diagonal Rd, Perkins William A Jr to Barker Mackenzie Michelle, $27,000

parcel 2816737 E Turkeyfoot Lake Rd, White Russell D to Green Community Improvement Coprporation, $170,000

222 Swartz Rd, Peto Margaret C to Bukvic Jovana, $49,900

633 Wynne Dr, Zivkovic Pero to Sypherd Breanne, $85,000

39 N Balch St, Trendsform LLC to Goes Tanya, $82,000

345 E Pace Ave, Nelisse Jessica E to Miller Tyler D, $114,400

275 N Portage Path, Carpenter Sandra J to St Charles Kendra, $60,000

63 Garnett Cir, Barnhouse Lee to Reddy Vikram Dev Reddy Parvath, $412,000

1425 Laffer Ave, Daniels William R to Akrella Homes LLC, $61,500

3672 Sanctuary Dr, Franklin Ward Holmes to Shirley Julien Robert, $785,000

1580 Chapman Dr, Aem Services LLC to Swain Jacob A, $117,000

2238 Savoy Ave, Mathias Deborah L to Gromley Mark L, $137,000

419 Morningview Ave, Goodell Robert W to Frye Daniel W, $74,000

578 Orlando Ave, Waldman Marla E to Powers Walter E, $134,000

1949 Waycross Ave, Simko Jody A to Jones Laurie M, $83,380

3626 Bay Hill Dr, Hamsher Teri A Trustee to Pranjic Ivana, $577,000

1087 Big Falls Ave, Yanulaitis Tiffany M to Damas German, $72,000

913 Mohawk Trl, Orlando Thomas J to Trader Kimberly, $70,000

3663 Logan Cir, Kurty Douglas Edward to Fleischer Investments I LLC, $184,800

3032 N Turkeyfoot Rd, Csaky Robert J to Clark Michael J, $150,000

3012 -3016 N Turkeyfoot Rd, Csaky Robert J to Clark Michael J, $150,000

3022  3026 N Turkeyfoot Rd, Csaky Robert J to Clark Michael J, $300,000

1037 Robinwood Hills Dr, Hirsh Marcia L Trustee to Woodyard Jack T, $569,000

228 W Ingleside Dr, Miller Pamela L to Residential Solutions Inc, $120,000

1190 Tampa Ave, Rajak Dalibor to Rogers Antwaunette C, $93,000

912 Ute Ave, Hrdlicka Karen A to Wise Brock, $85,000

444 N Firestone Blvd, Faupel Rebekah A to Yarber Daron J, $75,000

1029 Oak Tree Rd, Baker Stanley W to Folk Teeha, $229,000

2351 Laurel Valley Dr, Bradley Michael A to Wiggins Richard, $297,000

1801 Oakes Dr, Zrioka Dan J to Swigeart David, $48,500


3690 Firethorn Dr, Paoletta Rose Mary Trustee to Whitmore David T, $310,000

parcel 6500250 California St, Macias Anthony R to Brower Elizabeth, $23,000


402 Hall Ave, JBSM Investments LLC to Miller S Duane, $57,500

741 Lockwood Rd, Hartmann John W to Sypherd Andrew Lee, $100,000

195 25th St SW, Upchurch Jasen to Pouncey Kyle, $5,000

parcel 7400213 Eastern Rd, Robbins Kathi to Risley Paul Joshua, $50,000

parcel 117004 Decker St, East New Haven LLC to NVR Inc, $40,800

190 8th St NW, K S Yoak Enterprises LLC to Brown Lynn Taylor, $104,000

2674 Wadsworth Rd, Russell Michael to Buvic Djordje, $79,500

1044 W Tuscarawas Ave, Collins James T to Collins Joseph P, $35,000

3416 Reimer Rd, Harris Jordan L to Premo Jennifer, $249,500

1989 Turkeyfoot Lake, Tkalcic Michael A to Tripepi Stacy L, $65,000

3710 Woodlawn Dr., Brothers Nathan J to Gumbarevic Kevin L, $96,900

112 16th St NW, Spencer Ryan to Newrez LLC, $42,500

518 Jefferson Ave, Pouliot Properties LLC to Digman John G II, $108,000

parcel 117024 Decker St, NVR Inc to Anderson Mark A, $230,255

2946 Maple St, Conley Timothy M to Bechmark Properties of Ohio Ltd, $22,000

3126 Clark Mill Rd, MCMLXX LLC to Miller Michael, $185,000

5306 Ray St, Riley David E to Vorndran John A, $225,000


5726 Dave Dr, Lowry Lisa K to Bates Jeffrey Jr, $183,000

1005 Center Rd, Murray John M to Venditti Gregory, $164,000


parcel 1502696 S Medina Line Rd, Pamer Ronald Ivan Trustee to Palmer Kimberly, $70,000

Cuyahoga Falls

1646 14th St, Kee J Thaddeus and Barbara L to Tausch Donald, $138,000

1734 7th St, Seemungal Lori to Rykalla Emily A, $159,900

3223 Wilson Ave, Poole Benjamin to Akron United Properties LLC, $108,500

220 Morrison Ave, Kean Properties LLP to Pottersville LLC, $145,000

2265 Brace Pl, Weil Henry David to Weimer Larry E, $105,200

1432 Buckingham Gate Blvd, Greene Richard K Jr to Sikler Sue E, $99,000

829 Myrtle Ave, Walker Linda Gayle to MCMLXX LLC, $97,000

2209 Larchdale Dr, Denning Fred A to Asik Investments LLC, $105,100

3001 Bailey Rd, Capitoni John T to Jaklitsch Jeff, $76,200

207 Lincoln Ave, Novotny John A to Saran Homes LLC, $77,500

2915 Silver Lake Cir, Beacom Amy J to Angwin Darice A, $158,000

2622 Owaisa Rd, Thornburg Mary R to Nickol Stephen, $115,000

1279 Front St, Dunagan Dennis J to Freiman Kevin D, $105,000

2726 8th St, Goff Carla C to Thorpe Seth D, $155,000

2852 7th St, Wendell William M Co Trustee to Reed Christopher B, $175,000

721 Albemarle Ave, Sawicki Christopher to Blumenschein Camden, $135,000

132 Graham Rd, MTM Real Estate Investors LLC to Quintero Edwin A Pacheco, $184,900

2189 Pinebrook Trl, Asik Investment LLC to Signpost Property LLC, $116,555

596 Meredith Lane, Shipley Debra to Xie Lili, $110,000

3371 Board Dr, Perez Dale to Costilla John G, $161,000


7829 Alexandra Dr, Henson Ian D to Linzey Brett Logan, $475,000

7685 Deerpath Trl, Denges Mark P to Longenecker Richard E, $399,500

2023 Hines Hill Rd, Sevenich Gery J to Macciarella John, $475,000

7400 Lacosta Dr, Wilke Frederick A to Fridman Aleksey, $365,000

5193 Sodalite Dr, Iannetta Todd C to Sunar Lalit, $265,000

1001 Cutler Ln, Pamer Kelly L to Hills Duane R Trustee, $295,000

63 Division St, Dalton Jeremy to Alcantar Javier Jr, $615,000

6172 Stone Rd, Alcantar Javier Jr to Morris Joseph Brendan, $365,000


8667 Park Ridge Ln, Bayley Dale A Co Trustee to Eggers Garrett G, $374,900

862 Sioux Lane, Springer Kathleen to Sheppard Nathan C, $213,000

8503 Tahoe Dr, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Defrancesco Don, $427,150

8664 Tahoe Dr, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Potter Princette, $368,625

339 Denali Ct, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Gacheru John, $362,475

9373 Westwood Dr, Jurkovich Paul S Trustee to Kearn Tyler, $380,000

8670 Tahoe Dr, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Simon Eric Michael, $359,910

962 Lancewood Dr, Myricks William E to Guffin Jeremy B, $345,000


239 Windsor Pl, Abbott Holly A to Abbott Desiree R, $130,000

916 Hemlock Lane, Rossborough Joyce E to Ward Steven J, $205,000

6270 Greenwood Pkwy, Stitt Karleen Tania Mague to Stafford Tanya Anne, $102,000

55 Horseshoe Ct, Ambrosone Peter Nicholas to Fifth Third Bank, $68,000

243 Skylane Dr, Ianetta Jo Ann Sparano Trustee to Hughes Rodney A Jr, $220,000

329 Dartmouth Trl, Chamberlin Suzanne L to Hartman Michael Anthony, $220,000


parcel 1110632 Main St, James Thomas E Trustee to Pervo Allen, $175,000


4731 Everett Rd, Watson Thelma I to Pavlovic Slobodan, $55,000

parcel 4801310 Deer Run Rd, Valaitis Rasa L to Gidas Property LLC, $175,000


4279 Cox Dr, Heisterman Kipp T to Urich Cecily, $81,000

3440 Marcella Ave, Moneypenny Jeffrey M to Chabra Cynthia, $170,000

4620 Young Rd, Rossi Stephen to Phillips Christopher R, $278,500

parcel 5619636 Darrow Rd, Cedar Crest Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $63,000

parcel 5619637 Darrow Rd, Cedar Crest Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $59,667

parcel 5619639 Darrow Rd, Cedar Crest Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $59,667

parcel 5619640 Darrow Rd, Cedar Crest Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $63,000

parcel 5619638 Darrow Rd, Cedar Crest Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $59,667

3733 Buckworth Ct, Williams Craig S to Kozar Steven, $218,500

3691 Hudson Dr Ext, White Steven W Jr to Cheatwood Stephen D, $90,000

2491 & 2495 Maplehurst Dr, JL Faith LLC to Walker Robert A, $158,000

parcel 5609031 Diplomat Dr, Timber Creek Builders Inc to Bradach Mindy M, $42,000

3621 Lakeview Blvd, Burch Shannon C to Scott Whitney Carolyn J, $161,000


parcel 6002638 Dunbar Rd, Jumbert Properties LLC to Walsh James F Jr, $25,500

537 Vandalia Dr, Sherwindt Mark A to Bishokarma Simon, $304,000

1718 Juniata Rd, Cooper Shawn M to Jackson Jordan, $119,000

246 Ferguson Dr, Stewart Michael A to Harr James Joseph, $207,000

905 Norton Dr, Learn Steven J to Myers Mitchell D, $87,500

106 Glenwood Cir, Urbansky Alyssa Nicole to Khanal Chuda M, $235,000

390 Regency Park Dr, Watts Edward J to Windisch Tyler M, $265,000


1820 Sunview Dr, Webster John S to Simione Jeffrey Scott, $80,000

3116 Blue Jaye Ln, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Chavan Kedarnath, $450,690

2948 Wilson Ln, Cervilla Geraldine to Riley Mark Patrick, $405,000

3081 Wyatts Way, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Mangus David, $417,480

3168 Blue Jaye Ln, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Grewal Jaskaran S, $500,000

10417 W Cobblestone Ln, Flashhouse Cle East LLC to Courchesne Nyles L, $194,000

10258 Belmeadow Dr, Ware Frank to Srivastava Vincent, $265,000

3069 Wyatts Way, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Schilling Amanda J, $435,000

8988 Birchwood Dr, Kleppinger Kevin L to Mary Dauphin Gautier Leonard, $244,000


2772 Pine Lake Rd, Neidlinger Barbara J to Burd Brandon V, $185,000

4535 Twickingham Cir, Guy Melissa Ann to Wright Lisa M, $400,000

2908 Killian Rd, Bowman Dennis E to Herzog Edward A, $20,000

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