Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties April 4, 2021 –


Pine Crossing Construction Inc., to Steven H. Castelli and Joann T. Castelli, 20 Villa Drive, Unit 2, $359,900.

Christopher A. Walles and Katherine A. Hannan to Umit Tanriverdi, 17 Colonial Ave., $245,000.

Gary G. Miolla and Patricia A. Miolla to Joseph D. Valenti and Donna M. Valenti, 11 Meadow Ave., $140,000.

Marc F. Birchenough, Kelly Ann Birchenough, Eric Brumley and Eric C. Brumley to Marc F. Birchenough and Kelly Ann Birchenough, 10-12 Randall St., $15,000.

Melissa Rivera and Rafael Rivera to Jeffrey K. Gallup and Sarah S. Naylor, 15-f Mansion Woods Drive, $178,400.

Michael F. Roy to Shannon Bein, 34 Charles St., $285,000.

OA Holdings LLC, to FRP Silver LLC, 325 Silver St., $975,000.

Paulette Mazza and Angelo Mazza to Jean Santaniello, 8E Mansion Woods Drive, $175,000.


YOSREX LLC, to VA7 Amherst LLC, 266 East Hadley Road, $25,600,000.

Ling Feng Wu to Kevin Leon Clark and Jemima Laclair Clark, 170 East Hadley Road, $160,000.

Columbia Realty Income LLC, to Christopher Stephen Beach and Andrea Dalton Murphy, 87 Columbia Drive, $474,100.

Resilient Investments LLC, to Ki Yeong Lee, 170 E. Hadley Road and 170 East Hadley Road, $140,000.

Melanie S. Rose to Kilerine Properties LLC, 58 South East St., $532,000.

Nicholas E. Stern and Abby M. Stern to Daniel Cook, 137 Logtown Road, $320,000.

Denison Corp., to W.D. Cowls Inc., 151 Montague Road, $365,000.

Denison Corp., to W.D. Cowls Inc., 320 Pulpit Hill Road, $365,000.

Abida Adnan to Stephen Arthur Fusco Jr., and Nina N. Fusco, 916 South East St., $577,500.

Leslie Ann Bestor to Deborah J. Veatch, 15 Jenks St., $287,000.


Shu-Chen Hsiao and Yuh-Fang Hsiao to Timothy R. Drost and Anna B. Drost, Oasis Drive, $157,500.

Orin L. Bracey and MaryEllen O’Reilly-Bracey to Richard C. Poissant and Sarah F. Poissant, Munsell Street, $80,000.

Lynne D. Coleman to Elizabeth D. Martin and Henry R. Martin Jr., 414 Allen St., $140,000.

Judith A. Wattum, Kerri J. Rauschmier and William Wattum to Gary Bosselait and Tracy Bosselait, 40 Ware Road, $189,000.

J.N. Duquette & Son Construction Inc., to William H. Bush Jr., and Doris M. Bush, 60 Magnolia Lane, $447,400.


John F. Kornacki and Vicki L. Kornacki to Justin D. King and Melissa J. King, 88 Main St., $253,000.


Alan Rush and Melody Rush to Justin Liberman and Kathryn Liberman, 50 Little Alum Road, $435,000.

Carole Gursky to Nestor Retamal and Deanna Retamal, 45 Marsh Hill Road, $490,000.


Donald W. Craig Jr., to Nancy Borrelli and Lia Van Ness, 80-82 Ashfield St., $185,000.


Richard H. Ladd and Margaret E. Ladd to Maya Greene, 87 Bryant St., $222,000.

Andrea L. Looney to Laura Dimmler and Robert Giusti, 67 Munson Road, $485,000.


Alan Hubert, representative, and Arthur L. Hubert Jr., estate, to Kristen Hubert and Andrew Lareau, 89 Dunn St., $138,000.

Aleksey Kamyshin to Miguel E. Ceballo Quinones, 458 Meadow St., $235,000.

Andrey Shevchuk to Jason Balut, 113 Wheatland Ave., $95,000.

Dorothy C. Busacca to Patricia Ouimette, 153 Partridge Lane, Unit 6113C, $145,000.

Dorothy Pirog to Robert J. Schroeter and Thomas S. Sophinos, 405 Chicopee St., $110,000.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Charles P. Vanasse, 50 Thaddeus St., $186,000.

Halina Beben and Stanislaw Beben to Oniel Morrison and Camille Brown-Morrison, 34 Myrtle St., $240,900.

James Vanderwalker, Cynthia Barbaro and Diane Vanderwalker to Matthew D. Graczyk, 81 Keddy Boulevard, $240,000.

Jeffrey C. Chiecko to Benny Pabon, 44 Munger Road, $340,000.

Jon J. Edwards, Jon L. Edwards and Deborah L. Edwards to Trisha F. Fox and Roberto J. Serrano, 32 Montello Road, $210,000.

Jonathan D. Fleming and Lisa J. Fleming to Angelina Malave and Luis Correa, 939 Granby Road, $270,000.

Judith Duffy, representative, Judith H. Duffy, representative, and Steven D. Duffy, estate, to Raymond Martin and Melinda Martin, 70 Marguerite St., $230,000.

M3 Innovations Inc., to Matilda Sanchez and Benjamin Torres, 43 Cortland St., $150,000.

Michael Cartier and Melissa Cartier to Ireneu M. Freitas and Horacio Freitas, 16 Lawrence Road, $197,000.

Michelle M. Normandin, Michelle M. Godin, David P. Godin, Mark P. Godin and Robert J. Godin to Karen E. Sprenkle, 61 Abbey Memorial Drive, #197, $182,000.

Sergey Sevostyanov to Helen Turner, 70 Narragansett Boulevard, $248,000.


Dorothy S. Cornman Revocable Trust & Dorothy S. Cornman Trust, Betsy Corner and Mary E. Kehler, trustees, to Gabriella Della Croce, “aka” Gabriella L. Dellacroce and Robert J. Gruber, 273 Shelburne Line Road, $240,000.


Corse Investment Trust, Leslie M. Brown, trustee and attorney, Edith J. Corse, by attorney, to Danielle Lochhead and John Lochhead, Shelburne Falls Road, $66,000.


Heather B. Blake and Jeffrey A. Blake, “aka” Jeffry A. Blake, to James E. Filipkowski Jr., and Natalie M. Filipkowski, 55 Sawmill Plain Road, $423,000.

East Longmeadow

August A. Maserati and Nadeen C. Maserati to Peter Maserati and Vanessa Bongiovanni, 16 Day Ave., $187,500.

Bonnie E. Dimetres to Robert H. Paige, 507 Parker St., $90,000.

Brian D. Kirk and Susan A. Kirk to Orion Mortell, 138 Hampden Road, $259,900.

Christian A. Martin to Amanda M. Jimenez and Anthony Molina, 21 Kingman Ave., $275,000.

Hayley E. Durand and Timothy J. Cook to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Yabela Realty Trust, trustee of, 13 Acorn St., $128,000.

Jeremy B. Warren and Nichole T. Warren to Jonathen Browne and Shealynn Browne, 88 Harwich Road, $350,000.

John Papale to Richard A. Shuman and Elinor M. Shuman, Bella Vista Drive, $189,900.

Richard Ursino and Janet Ursino to Daniel Aronov, 21 Sutton Place, $435,000.

Tallage Lincoln LLC, to Bruce Arnold, trustee, and 20 Theresa Street Realty Trust, trustee of, 20 Theresa St., $99,900.


John K. Norris to Christopher James Wolf and Norman Paul White, 35 Groveland St., $337,000.

Lawrence E. Briggs Jr., trustee, Lawrence E. Briggs, trustee, and Lawrence E. & Lois C. Briggs Family Trust to Cleo Willi Zancope and Daniel Edward Gnatek, 12 Paul St., $312,000.

Joseph G. Farrick Sr., trustee, and Joseph G. Farrick Sr. Revocable Trust Agreement to Nicole Krauth and Jacob Krauth, 13-15 Pine St., $417,900.

Samuel F. Provo Jr., and Elizabeth G. Provo to Stephanie L. Provo, 13 Knight Ave., $340,000.

Audrey J.B. Hyvonen, Audrey J. Hyvonen, Audrey Hyvonen, Audrey Jbhyvonen and Isaac M. Bromberg to Shelby L. Hyvonen and Seth B. Koen, 62 Briggs St., $265,000.


Irene Moore to Eugene A. Rice, 1 Center Road, $125,000.


J & J Behrens Realty LP, to Ruger Properties Inc., West Street and Chesterfield Road, $48,000.

Kathaleen A. Emerson and Gary D. Emerson to Leatrice T. Archbald, Hyde Hill Road, $52,000.


Massachusetts Comm Transportation to Jeanette A. Ingham, 134 Pleasant St., $100.

John Rogers and Lorraine Rogers to Jacqueline E. Swist and Charles S. Shaw, 2 Lakeview Ave., $342,500.


Matthew Foskett to Dennis DePaolo, 200 Elm St., $88,000.

Edward C. Joyce & Joyce C. Brzezinski Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, Susan Ann Anderson and Sandra L. Ruggeri, trustees, to Doris Wieler and Jerome Wieler, 15 Ferrante St.,/15 Ferrante Ave., $317,000.

Joanne Grogan, Timothy Meyer and Timothy Meyer Sr., to Kevin Downes, 68 Newell Pond Road, $210,000.

David Frazier to Andrew C. Reed and Paxton Paul Reed, 106 Chapman St., $178,000.

James E. Filipkowski Jr., and Natalie M. Filipkowski to Daniela Jacobson and Samuel Plotkin, 8-10 Grant St., $315,000.


Green Tree Family LP, to Alan St. Hilaire and Shane Conklin, 229 River Drive, $350,000.

Leonard Szarkowski and Susan Stosz to John J. Stosz and Susan M. Stosz, 30 North Maple St., $150,000.

Green Tree Family LP, and Hilda B. Greenbaum, general partner, to Alan Patrick St. Hilaire and Shane Conklin, 231 River Drive, $425,000.

Hui Wang and Jianhua Yang to Nicholas E. Stern and Abby M. Stern, 10 Indian Pipe Drive, $715,000.


Mark W. Anderson to John Anderson and Sterling Porchelli, 110 Colony Drive, $271,250.


Craig A. Neal to Craig A. Neal, Amy Stephens-Martin and Amy Stephens, 61 West St., $100.


Matthew D. Jeznach to Stephanie Lefebvre, 20 Forest Park Drive, $205,000.


Alfaville LLC, to Nanci A. Neves, Maple Crest Circle, Unit 14A, $149,900.

Alfred Shattleroe to Javier Serrano, 47 Chapin St., $275,000.

Clara W. James to Margaret T. Kraus and Rose H. Silverman, 44 Laurel St., $245,000.

Gilberto Garcia and Raquel Garcia to Braulio Vega, 63-65 Brown Ave., $295,000.

Jeffrey J. Murphy and Jeffrey Joseph Murphy to Yasmin Irelis Ruiz Santiago, 41 Argyle Ave., $210,000.

Jose M. Figueroa and Christa D. Figueroa to Ismary Santiago-Lugo, 45 Ridgeway St., $200,000.

Karl H. Hastings, George C. Yeramian III, and Daniel A. Bernard to Maya A. Gounard, 4-6 Orchard St., $301,700.

Lisa Bihler Lyle and William T. Lyle JR, to Katelyn M. Perchak and Amar R. Bajracharya, 234 Easthampton Road, $365,000.

Durand Real Estate Investments LLC, to Rinaldi Pease Acquisitions LLC, 97 Elm St., $160,000.

Maria Serrano and Maria Marquez to Shellon Williams and Glenn Williams, 156 Pine St., Unit 1, $152,000.

Mark Steven Dunlap, Mark Dunlap, Scott Evan Dunlap and Scott Dunlap to Mark Steven Dunlap and Mark Dunlap, 127 Vermont St., $135,000.

Rescom Mass Investments LLC, to Diego Munoz Torres, 21 Jackson St., $280,000.

Rock Valley Enterprises Inc., to Nathaniel Flachs and Charles Flachs, 246-248 Sargeant St., $255,000.

Sandra Escalante, Water Colon and Walter Colon to Walter X. Colon, 33-35 North Bridge St., $160,000.

U S Bank Trust, trustee, and LSF10 Master Participation Trust, trustee of, to Rajin Ramraykha, Sonia Ramraykha and Jared Ramraykha, 1466 Northampton St., $270,000.


James R. Roy, Pamela Anderson, Pamela Anderson, trustee, James R. Pomeroy, trustee, and Louis H. Pomeroy Sr. Declaration of Trust to Pamela Anderson, Route 66, Pisgah Road and Allen Coit Road, $50,000.

Allyson R. Hornstein to Leta Herman and Jaye McElroy, 204 Norwich Lake, $298,000.


Robert Goodwin Bartlett and Marie Betts Bartlett, “aka” Marie C. Betts, to Catherine B. Johannessen and Cory M. Johannessen, 83 River Road, $305,000.


Gregory J. Stevens and Ellen P. Donnelly to Anne C. Wheeler, 48 Stirling St., $290,000.

Joel M. Simon to Christopher Goshea and Katie Goshea, 230 Sheffield Ave., $370,000.

Michael J. Gauvine to April Rockwood and Ernesto Morales, 45 Franklin Road, $265,000.

Salvatore F. Cangialosi and Gloria M. Cangialosi to Spencer G. Ackerman and Shelley A. Barron, 223 Academy Drive, $800,000.


Brock French to Eric R. Smith, 598 Alden St., $260,000.

Carlos Santos Jr., Isaac Spitzer, Trudy Line, Richard Scott Line, Scott Santos and Patricia Jean Santos to Alyssa A. Dube, 20 Worcester St., $220,000.

Elisabete M. Fraga, representative, and Antonio E. Justo, estate, to Nico Fraga, 47 Napoleon Ave., $220,000.

Fernando D Tereso and Maria C Tereso to Kevin Musiak and Chanelle Musiak, 340 Westerly Cir, $540,000.

Hua Zi Zhao to Sandra A. Table and Robert C. Table, 246 Genevevo Drive, $482,500.

Riverbend II Properties LLC, to Fernando Elias and Olimpia Elias, Sunset Ridge, $134,000.


Amy McClosky, representative, Frederick W. Shaw, estate, and Frederick W. Shaw Sr., estate, to Anthony W. Muffoletto, 245 Moulton Hill Road, $320,000.

Edward J. Veneto and Lauren E. Veneto to Jamie M. Bryson and Samantha L. Bryson, 216 East Hill Road, $325,000.

Melissa R. Vanderburgh to Brittany Ramos and John E. Donoghue, 32 Flynt Ave., $240,000.


Jeannine M. Deangelis, “aka” Jeannine Deangelis, “aka” Jeannine M. Niedbala, to Christopher Frederick Goguen and Hidy Goguen Osorio, 56 Turners Falls Road, $262,000.


Margaret J. Nash to David Tetreault, 330 Haydenville Road, $279,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, to Debra Bercuvitz, 73 Redford Drive, $225,000.

Sheryl A. Grabon to Jacob B. Drew and Jennifer A. Drew, 246 Chestnut St., $479,000.

Robin B. Freedenfeld and Robin Freedenfeld to 32Masonic Street LLC, $220,800.

Robin B. Freedenfeld and Robin Freedenfeld to 32 Masonic Street LLC, 32 Masonic St., $210,000.

Robin B. Freedenfeld, trustee, Stuart Freedenfeld, trustee, and Mark D. Immerman Revocable Trust to 32 Masonic Street LLC, 32 Masonic St., $222,000.

Robin B. Freedenfeld and Robin Freedenfeld to 32 Masonic Street LLC, 32 Masonic St., $454,000.

Robin B. Freedenfeld and Robin Freedenfeld to 32 Masonic Street LLC, 32 Masonic St., $210,267.

Robin B. Freedenfeld, trustee, Stuart Freedenfeld, trustee, and Mark D. Immerman Revocable Trust to 32 Masonic Street LLC, 32 Masonic St., $186,867.

Robin B. Freedenfeld to 32 Masonic Street LLC, 32 Masonic St., $196,067.

Ina Iansiti and Judith J. Iansiti to Scotia MacGillivray, 17 Fort St., $265,000.

Joseph Blotnick and Jill Higgins, to Amy B. Ben-Ezra and Farnsworth E. Lobenstine, 18 Dewey Court, $505,550.

Aethena R. Enzer-Mahler to Madison H. Bishop, Kelsey A. Socha and Margarita H. Moore, 55 Milton St., $279,000.


Maureen A. Riendeau to Edith Silva and Kevin Silva, 38 Dexter St., $209,000.

Gail A. Vorce and Jay N. Vorce to Christal Cutler, 15 Johnson Road, $82,000.

Francis Romano Jr., and Sharon D. Romano to Adam Rosenbaum and Lorena Rosenbaum, 52 Putnam St., $265,000.

Sebastian Velez Rivera, “aka” Sebastian Velez, to Joseph Grossi and Joslyn Grossi, 34 Mechanic St., $236,000.

James T. Drew and Sara A. Drew to Lojen LLC, 41 James Lane, $100,000.

Reginald C. Haughton Jr., to Miranda M. Rowe, 158 East River Road, $203,000.


1282-1290 South Main Street LLC, to M Squared Holdings LLC, 1282-1290 South Main St., $1,105,000.

Kyle Gouvin to Jared Harrison Gouvin, 196 Breckenridge St., $185,000.

Xing Gao Wang to Bd Construction LLC, 1036 Central St., $135,000.


Dana E. Wojick and Tammy Lee Paiva to Frances Lamountain, Kirk Lamountain and Kirk Lamountain II, Dickinson Hill Road, $146,000.

South Hadley

Skinner Woods LLC, to David M. Eufemia and Lauryn E. Lacroix, 4 Taylor St., $292,500.

Knights of Columbus Building Association of South Hadley to New England Drum Union LLC, 110 Main St., $132,000.

J.N. Duquette & Son Construction Inc., to Real F. Theroux and Donna D. Theroux, 36 Lyon Green, $469,900.


Patrick Properties LLC, to Shivesha LLC, 17 College Highway and Route 10, $2,400,000.


Beverly M. Fitchet, representative, and Norman W. Cummings Jr., estate, to Daniel Ralph Caputo, 39 Fernwood Road, $235,000.

Erica Rossini to Annecca Smith and Patrick Scully, 73 North Longyard Rd, $369,000.

Ronald Vandervliet and Lisa Vandervliet to Sergey Yanyuk and Sophia Yanyuk, 37 Summer Drive, $240,000.


Abigail Gonzalez, Abigail Pizarro and Wilfredo Gonzalez (JR) to Israel Bonilla Garcia and Noraima Santos Rosado, 54 Oak Grove Ave., $235,000.

Amat Victoria Curam LLC, to Carmen Elizabeth Reyes, 67-69 Chester St., $231,000.

Angelina E. Malave to Mudassir Salisu, 152 Pendleton Ave., $225,000.

Anthony Chicklowski and Georgia M. Chicklowski to Minas S. Alitbi, 60-62 Home St., $217,000.

Behavioral Health Network Inc., to 401 Liberty LLC, 59 St. James Ave., $200,000.

Carmen I. Velazquez to Randall Housman, 604 Armory St., $75,000.

Courtney A. Langieri, representative, Doris Marie Hayward, estate, Doris Hayward, estate, Doris M. Gonthier, estate, and Stephen Langieri to Miguel E. Bermudez, 35 Atwater Terrace, $281,000.

David J. D’Angelo to Yolanda Davis, 158 Chestnut St., Unit 2F, $140,000.

Dawn C. Spenard to Susan M. Toro, Sarah Jeanne Toro and Melanie Anne Toro, 95 Grandview St., $252,500.

Debra Collins, representative, and Joshua Reid, estate, (EST) to 374 Walnut Llc, 374-382 Walnut St, $391,500.

Debra Collins, representative, and Joshua Reid, estate, to Danalax LLC, 53-55 Orleans St., $172,750.

Debra Collins, representative, and Joshua Reid, estate, to Danalax LLC, 67-69 Massachusetts Ave., $172,750.

Debra Collins, representative, and Joshua Reid, estate, to Harish Damodharan and Chitrakala Jagadeesan, 33-37 Grant St., $240,000.

Debra Collins, representative, and Joshua Reid, estate, to Vittapa LLC, 825 Worthington St., $172,750.

Debra Collins, representative, and Joshua Reid, estate, to Vittapa LLC, 97-99 Oak St., $172,750.

Diaz Properties LLC, to Diana Soto, Florence St., $222,000.

Eneroliza Cardenas and Abimael Santana to Canaan A. Khatib, 590 White St., $185,000.

Ernest C. Williams to Jake A. Manzi, Jake Manzi, Lucas R. Manzi and Lucas Manzi, 730 Alden St., $170,000.

Gabriel Adorno-Rivera, Juan G. Adorno, Nadia E. Soto and Maritza Santiago Munoz to Shari Taylor, 23 Sevmour Ave., $185,000.

Gayle C. McCray and Leslie S. McCray to Alvin Cardona and Johanna Guzman, 15 Rimmon Ave., $203,000.

Gianna M. Starzky and Gianna M. Starzxyk to Gregory E. Heineman, 65 Penncastle St., $100,000.

Graduate Housing Services LLC, to Matt J. Indomenico, 140-142 Johnson St., $265,000.

Grahams Construction Inc., to Abigail Gonzalez, 17 Elaine Circle, $364,000.

Hedge Hog Industries Corp to Verna G Martin, 246 Walnut St, $220,000.

J Norbert Properties LLC, to Behavioral Health Network Inc., 10 Ingraham Terrace, $1,685,409.

JJJ17 LLC, to Denesha Campbell, 102 College St., $185,000.

Jonathon B. Murphy to MJ Ledyard Nominee Realty Trust, 189 Hancock St., $25,000.

Jose L. Pedro, Mutilene M. Pedro and Mutilene M. Pedo to Zaim Azam, 55-57 Oak St., $253,500.

Jose M. Dejesus to Jose Hiraldo, 89-91 Cambridge St., $263,000.

Joseph C. Ward to Anderson C. Ogwumike, 141 Dayton St., $223,200.

Karen M. Domenech Chinnery to Lakpa Tamang, 86 Granby St., $270,000.

Kathleen M. Malmborg and Mark T. Malmborg to Kevin Malmborg, 59 Fox St., $200,000.

Marycruz Martin to Jacqueline Mestre, 115 Dubois St., $195,000.

MCN New Wave LLC, to Jillian A. Sandifer, 59 Terrence St., $142,000.

My Van Le to Matthew J. Lavalette, 104 Enfield St., $110,000.

Next Level Investments LLC, to Taylor Joseph Hansen, 36 Pembroke St., $190,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, and Inabs 2006-E Home Equity Mortgage Loan Series, trustee of, to Crossover Corp., 867 Roosevelt Ave., $144,900.

Orange Park Management LLC, to Walter Ramos, 70 Ferncliff Ave., $227,000.

Orlando C. Wright, Anthony A. Wright and Percy H. Wright to L&T Turnovers LLC, 209 Oak Grove Ave., $90,000.

Rafael Capellan Polanco to Dagoberto Henriquez Hernandez, 47 Queen St., $165,000.

Raul Garay to My V Le, 312 Tiffany St., $300,000.

Roger W. Williams Jr., and Maria B. Williams to Carlos O. Arce and Ramon Arce, 42 Keith St., $150,000.

Ronald E. Aponte, Christina V. Aponte, Charles J. Aponte and Laurie Aponte to Khanh Pham and Donnie Chan, 1035 Berkshire Ave., $209,000.

Rosalba Tascon to Mario J. Tascon and Louis A. Tascon, 242 Roy St., $100.

Round Two LLC, to Juan C. Ramos and Ilbania M. Tejada Ramos, 47 Forest St., $245,000.

SJC Management LLC, to Maninder Kaur, 704-708 Sumner Ave., $129,000.

Standard Properties Inc., to Marcelo P. De Aguiar Silva and Iara Alves Madrona Aguiar, 74-76 Clantoy St., $275,000.

Thien D Vo and Myly L Vo to Santo Gabin and Fiordaliza Gabin, 108 Kathleen St., $249,000.

Timothy Derrig to Steven R. Hull and Susan D. Hull, 54 Bernard St., $155,000.

U S Bank, trustee, and 2014-1 Velocity Commercial Capital Loan and Trust, trustee of, to Bruce A. Arnold Sr., trustee, and 3 Sumner Avenue Realty Trust, trustee of, 3 Sumner Ave., $249,900.

Waseem Mudasar and Libertad Mudasar to Mohamed Ali Aliyar and Fathima R. Mohamed, 100-102 Acushnet Ave., $170,000.

Commonwealth Community Recovery Division Inc., to Paul Jones, 79 Thompson St., $100.

Yesenia Vizcaya to Mirelys Perez Mercado, 99 Merrill Road, $190,000.


Dorothy R. Cebula and Joseph A. Cebula Jr., to Jason Cebula, 100 Old Gilbertville Road, $160,000.

Regina R. Mace, Regina R. Nixon and Elaine L. Nixon to Regina R. Mace and Richard L. Nixon Jr., 125 Greenwich Plains Road, $100.

Bruce W. Granger, Valerie E. Garceau Granger and Valerie E. Garceau to Nicholas Garceau and Caitlyn Garceau, Walker Road, $100.


Sandra L. Auvil and Ronald B. Raymond to Barbara Gail Millunzi and Timothy J. Millunzi, Whipple Hill Road, $27,500.

West Springfield

Deborah W. Skelly to Krishna Kharel and Madhu Kharel, 85-87 Bliss St., $232,000.

Ivan Mokan to Alina Juliet Bracken, 15 Oxford Place, $230,000.

John W. Marsters to Nancy M. Pomerleau, 28 Houston Road, $66,739.

Jonathan T. Popp and Loanne S. Popp to Rafael Rivera and Melissa Rivera, 681 Piper Road, $360,000.

Kimberly Nicolle Siwek to Rihab Al Zubaidi and Rihab Al Zubaidi, 799-801 Union St., $169,000.

Paul C. Shields and Jane F. Granger to Brandon Moore, 255 Laurel Road, $250,000.

Remeche LLC, to 26 Gsears LLC, 26 Sears Way, $3,040,000.

Sok Wah Lee to Naif Manahi, 51 Colony Road, $95,000.

Tek Gautam and Punam Gautam to Eugeniu Corja, 55 Hanover St., $270,000.

Timothy V. Flouton to Jeffrey W. Dean, 63 Bridle Path Road, $195,000.


Gertrude Janet Maslar to Johnathan Spear, 74 East Silver St., $249,000.

James Michael Bowler and Karin Alexandra Bowler to Michael P. Fabiani, 16 West School St, $192,000.

James S. Reed to Raymond Cote and Kelsey Cote, 1343 Southampton Road, $220,000.

Karen Depaulo, representative, and Edward J. Wojcek, estate, to Vantage Home Buyers LLC, 12 Phelps Ave., $165,000.

Crossroads Property Investors LLC, to Donna F. Dubour, 56 Western Ave., $330,000.

Lorrie J. Bobe and Lorrie B. Rosario to Roxanne A. Arkoette and Chad R. Arkoette, 1 Yeoman Ave., $260,000.

Rail Realty Development LLC, to Nizan Holdings LLC, 170 Lockhouse Road, $4,400,000.

Samuel A. Smith, Samual A. Smith, Melisa A. Smith, Melisa A. Addoms and Deborah J. Eggleston to Besnik Mirena and Aferdita Mirena, 549 Russell Rd Unit 7A, $103,000.

Thomas J. McLaughlin to Brixmor Spe 6 LLC, South Meadow Road, $190,000.

Timothy A. Levasseur to Frank A. Cavallo, 117 Berkshire Drive, $270,000.

Vasily Nesmelov and Oksana Nesmelov to Brian Curran, 5 Carpenter Ave., $238,000.


Main Street Rentals LLC, to John Cannellos and Emma Cannellos, 309 Main St., $590,000.

Susan M. Toro to Leslie Scott McCray and Gayle Christine McCray, 992 Tinkham Road, $280,000.

Wilbraham & Monson Academy to MC AC & MC LLC, 3V Bulkley Road, $135,000.


1XO LLC, to Sarah Barnett and Elizabeth Barnett, 6 Fairfield Ave., $390,000.

Margaret Kathryn Sena Misner, estate, Jeffrey Scott Penn, personal representative, and Margaret Kathryn Sena Penn, estate, to John B. Otis and Angela S. Otis, Old Goshen Road, $173,000.

Vance S. Przasnyski and Vance S. Pryzasnyski to Northampton City, Nash Hill Road, $140,000.


Lawrence E. Zuckerman 2009 Revocable Trust, Philip W. Zuckerman, Suzanne Zuckerman Werner and Carol Zuckerman, trustee, to Michael J. Shimkus, 66 Parish Road, $195,000.

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