Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties April 25, 2021 –


Andrew Rubin, Bonnie McGavick and Elinor R. Markson to Kenneth & Sandra Forni Family Irrevocable Trust , trustee of, and Steven M. Forni, trustee, 9A Castle Hills Road, Unit 9A, $288,900.

Cheryl A. Weber, Kim Czerniawski and John J. Czerniawski to Cheryl A. Weber and Bruce G. Langevin, 216 Meadow St., $25,000.

Darcy J. Dumaine to Anthony Michael Testori, 30 Corey Colonial, Unit 30, $170,000.

David Whitehead and Jenny Whitehead to Luis Cordero, 70-72 Royal St., $270,000.

Frank DeCaro and Joseph P. DeCaro to Joseph P. DeCaro and Maria DeCaro, 1226 Springfield St., $425,000.

Frank DeCaro and Joseph P. DeCaro to Joseph P. DeCaro and Maria DeCaro, 1236 Springfield St., $325,000.

Scott F. Milliken, Scott Milliken, Carrie A. Milliken and Carrie Milliken to Cody J. Ostrander, 26 Melrose Place, $240,000.

Stephen Werman to Sarah Woodbury and Ryan M. Monczka, 75 Cleveland St., $240,000.

Terri-Ann R Roberts to June McKie, 139 Corey Colonial, $200,000.

Vanessa G. Rizzari to Kyle R. Mutti, 418 Meadow St., Unit A2, $163,000.

William K. Demers to Nicole A. Goldsmith and Roseann M. Goldsmith, 57 Poplar St., $272,500.


Christopher J. Ramirez, trustee, Bethany K. Ramirez, trustee, Brandon S. Ramirez, trustee, Amherst Ramirez 2014 Irrevocable Trust and Angel G. Ramirez Jr., to Eli Leeds Stonberg and Hannah H. Caruso, 267 Pondview Drive, $291,215.

Duane D. Dale to Heidi Hallett Frantz-Dale and Duane D. Dale, 764 South East St., $100.

Ta-Chun Li, trustee, Shui-Hua Li, trustee, Ta-Chun Li Living Trust and Shui-Hua Li Living Trust to Keely Hartley, 8 Cranberry Lane, $335,000.

Gerald E. Trombly, trustee, and Trombly Family Trust to Ji H. Lee, 23 Greenleaves Drive, $225,000.

Yi Ru Carol Chen, Weifeng Liu and Huihui Wu to Yi Ru Carol Chen, 170 East Hadley Road, $100.

Charlotte Anne Jackson and Robert W. Jackson to Linda Calmes Jones Living Trust and Linda Calmes Jones, trustee, Wildflower Drive, $144,000.

Theodore Davis and Paula M. O’Brien to Graciela G. Monteagudo, 40 Webster Court, $209,500.


Thomas H. Schreiber and Shirley S. Schreiber to Kristen R. Schreiber and Thomas D. Schreiber, 451 Watson Road, $250,000.

Thomas H. Schreiber and Shirley S. Schreiber to Kristen R. Schreiber and Thomas D. Schreiber, Watson Road and Watson-Plainfield Road, $100,000.


Christopher Ronkese to Andrea Ronkese, 11 Two Ponds Road, $100.

Stanley E. Jacobs and Rhonda R. Jacobs to Abigail E. Weeks and Sara G. Weeks, 454 Amherst Road, $292,900.

NJRE Property Group LLC, to Gary G. Decoteau, Fletcher Avenue, $68,000.

Ainsley B. Palmisano and Ainsley B. Bokor to Henry R. Martin Jr., and Elizabeth Martin, Federal Street, $10,000.

Bell Property Corp., to Joshua M. Slovack and Maureen E. G. Slovack, Woodland Lane, $139,000.

David A. Reed to Christopher C. Phelps and Jennifer A. Phelps, 686 George Hannum Road, $370,500.


Jillsen M. Deignan and Noah Deignan to Samantha H. Cycz and William D. Cycz, 169 Shaw Road, $220,000.

Richard Brown Supplemental Needs Trust, Rhonda Brown, trustee and individually, Susan Root, trustee, and Alexander W. Chapin to Alexander W. Chapin and Susan Root, 19 Harwood Drive, $125,000.

Leslie J. Stevens to Mark E. Gilmore and Veronica Gilmore, 379 Fox Hill Road and West Mountain Road, $229,000.


Mark Simonzi to Daniel Saunders, 25 Tower Hill Road, $450,000.

Morgan Keating and Benjamin Keating to Ryan Devlin, 45 Apple Road, $365,000.


Patricia Clark to Branden D. Putnam and Johanna R. Putnam, 121 Charlemont Road, $30,000.

Thomas W. Archer to Jocelyn O’Shea, 33 William St., $210,000.


Lee E. Risden and Russell R. Risden to Nicholas R. Cerveny, 495 Mountain Road, $206,000.


Gary A. Huff to Hayden Wattley, 6 Maple St., $65,000.


Golden Sunset Farms Inc., to Richard Roberts and Amy Lynn Roberts, 103 Bryant St., Munson Road and South Street, $685,000.


Abilio C. Santos and Luisa M. Santos to Cig4 LLC, 29-31 Casino Ave., $140,000.

Alexandra Strauss, representative, and John F. Armata Jr., to George Lourenco, 77 Bemis Ave., $208,000.

Apex Realty Holdings LLC, to Chicopee Partners LLP, 11 Veterans Drive, $1,300,000.

Brandyn Pelissier, Allison Pelissier and Allison Lessard to Timothy G. Welch, 120 Old Field Road, $243,000.

Christina E. Murphy to Cory M. Hupfer and Mychaela Williams-King, 13 Applewood Drive, Unit 6218C, $159,900.

Cynthia Silva to Lawrence R. Loranger and Jacqueline A. Loranger, 161 Grattan St., $210,000.

Douglas P. Helie and Gina M. Helie to Thomas E. Dolan, 69-71 Dale St., $257,500.

Erin M. Voyik to Michael Mistalski, 55 Oakridge St., $216,000.

Lawrence R. Loranger and Jacqueline A. Loranger to Junior Knight, 241 East Main St., $220,000.

Michael M. Ngigi and Jennifer M. Ngigi to Jennifer M. Ngigi, 42 Arnold St., $11,500.

Raymond N. Laroche to Donna Augustus, 33 Pinecrest Drive, Unit 8, $264,000.

Robert J. Schroeter and Thomas S. Sophinos to Ilya Bekkerman and Lina Bekkerman, 405 Chicopee St., $194,500.

Santana Real Estate Inc., and Danny Adorno to Angelic Santiago and Michael Simmonds, 67 Springfield St., $65,000.

Timothy J. Londo to Nicole Marie Cochran, 33 Chapin St., $293,000.

Todd J. Rogosin and Nina Rogosin to Martin Sheridan, 65 Cabot St., $130,000.


Albert William Charsky Jr. Estate, Eric W. Charsky and Cheryl A. Hurlbut, personal representatives, to JELB Properties LLC, 14 Sugarloaf St., $105,000.

Eggers Investment Trust, Evan C. Eggers, attorney, and Joan A. Eggers, trustee, by attorney, to Julia Gates Hartnell, 24 Meadow Wood Drive, $315,000.

East Longmeadow

Bank of New York Mellon, trustee, and Cwabs Inc., to Quercus Properties LLC, Series 2003-2, trustee of, 51 Maplehurst Ave, $120,015.

David B Wright and Lucinda A Wright to Rachel Marie London and Tanner Devarennes, 42 Ridge Rd, $320,000.

John F. Margeson and Michele F. Margeson to Paul T. Lucier, 46 Rockingham Circle, $779,000.

Manchester Enterprises LLC, to Joerg Baader and Elizabeth Baader, 9 Pleasant Place, $242,500.


Thomas P. Maguire III, personal representative, and Moira Jean Maguire, estate, to Jose R. Acevedo, 113 Pleasant St., and 111-113 Pleasant St., $206,000.


Kotowicz Custom Homes LLC, to Aaron Lombardino and Stacy J. Lombardino, 126 Maximilian Drive, $620,000.

Living Gate Christian Center Inc., and Living Gate Community Church Inc., to David H. Leombruno and Alijah Leombruno, 149R Taylor St., $130,000.

Ruby Realty LLC, to Holly Bowser, 35 Pleasant St., $303,000.

Alfred Shattelroe to Peter R. Harbinson, Deborah A. Harbinson and Nathan Harbinson, 205 East St., $325,000.


Jacqueline A. David to Hugh Barton Bales, 77 Crescent St., $185,000.

Leonard F. Gould to Michael Grover, 26 Champney Road, $144,000.

Karen M. Truehart to Michelle Dicinoski and Heather F. Stewart, 28-30 Walnut St., $190,000.

Caitlin R. Tela to Danielle C. Loynd, 294 Country Club Road, $180,000.

Terry L. Gregory to Christopher Damboise and Amy-Lyn Gumprecht, 51 Thayer Road, $265,000.

Brian E. Thompson and Julie A. Thompson to Isaac Torrin and Melissa Torrin, 73 Orchard St., $749,000.

Ann Marie Powers, “aka” Anne Marie Powers-Singiser, to Enoch Jensen, 112 Franklin St., $150,000.

New England Learning Center for Women in Transition Inc., to Jennifer Cari Schonborn, Charlotte Treiber, Rikard Roland Treiber and Jackson P. Williams, 479 Main St., $325,000.

Michael J. McGrath and Michael P. Mendyk Jr., to Refined Design Homes Inc., 7 Myrtle St., $99,000.

Barbara J. McShane to Eagle Home Buyers LLC, 51 Vernon St., $40,000.

Anderson & Dolby LLC, to Michelle Y. Laue, 298 High Street, $190,000.

Karen Suchenski Lane, attorney, and individually, “aka” Karen Suchenski, “aka” Karen Suchenski, attorney, Michael N. Suchenski, by attorney, and Joshua W. Lane, individually, to Evelyn R. Wulfkuhle and Lea M. Wulfkuhle, 75 Prospect St., $375,000.


William E. Gnatek and Dorothy A. Gnatek to Shannon M. Rice-Nichols and Kathleen M. Rice, 10 Rocky Hill Road, $300,000.


Shirley S. Schreiber and Thomas H. Schreiber to Kristen R. Schreiber and Thomas D. Schreiber, Watson Road & Watson-Plainfield Road, $100,000.


Susan Scheyd to Richard Scheyd, 10 Cove Road, $45,000.


Ann M. Neves to Karolina Podolska, 10 Holly Meadow Road, $457,500.

Bieg Children LP, John A. Bieg and Kathleen M. Berrena to Ashley Bieg and Steven Rodriguez, 46 Old Jarvis Ave., $200,000.

David Wielgosz, representative, Mary E. Wielgosz, estate, and Mary E. Wielgosz Sr., to Stanley A. Wielgosz, 16-18 Clinton Ave., $200,000.

Jacob A. Perkins and Julia A. Shively to Ryan F. Stephenson, 1139 Dwight St., Unit C, $95,000.

RMR Clinton LLC, to Augustus LaFace and Jorge Rodriguez, 37 Clinton Ave., $635,000.

Tracie L. Lacasse to Melissa Hartling, 39 Ridgewood Ave., $236,000.


Clifton W. Gamble Jr., and Clark E. Gamble to Clark T. Gamble and Dawn E. Piers-Gamble, County Road, $36,800.

Anthony G. Weidman to David J. Igel, 41 Russell Road, $100.

David J. Igel to Anthony G. Weidman, 39 Russell Road, $100.

Carol A. Fidrych-Duda, Carol Ann Duda and Richard E. Duda to Richard P. Duda, trustee, Sarah A. Duda, trustee, and Duda Family Irrevocable Trust, 148 Norwich Lake, $100.


David A. Adam Estate, “aka” David Deloretto Estate, “aka” David A. Troy Estate, “aka” David Troy Estate, and Heather Mack, personal representative, to Richard Brook and Shawna Pazmino-Brook, Greenfield Road, $115,000.


76 Duxbury Lane LLC, to Joshua Cooper, 76 Duxbury Lane, $421,000.

Heather Tirpaeck and Lincoln Tirpaeck to Michelle Vargas, 109 Cooley Drive, $385,000.

Manish Sharma and Ritika Bhatt to Omer Gal and Joseph Douglass, 75 Erskine Drive, $502,000.


Baystate Developers Inc., to Alexander Binczyk, Sunset Ridge, $142,500.

Carolyn A. Muzzi to Randy Adam, 345 Chapin St., $142,858.

Donna M. Fitzgerald, representative,Deborah A. Dusza, estate, Deborah Ann Dusza, estate, Darlene S. Anderson and Irene M. Smith to Pedro Alicea and Jessica H. Alicea, 206 West St., $215,000.


Alison M. Bartlett-O’Donald, conservator, and Sally Walsh to Tascon Homes LLC, Hilltop Drive, $85,000.

Gary J. Rugani to Seth M. Wilson and Amy D. Wilson, Thayer Road, $110,000.

Kimberly D. Reed-Gagner and Kimberly D. Reed to Zi Song Lin, 62 Moulton Hill Road, $349,500.

Mark D. Berry and Martha P Berry to Michael S. Gloster and Sarah D. Dowd, 26 East Hill Road, $450,000.


James H. Clapp to Carey Elizabeth Dougan and Thomas Delvan Dougan, Federal Street, $120,000.

Donna Delores Quinones Estate, “aka” Donna D. Quinones Estate, “aka” Donna D. Adams Estate, and Barbara A. Miller, personal representative, to Heather George, Carol L. Stevens and Mark A. Stevens, 433 Turners Falls Road, $142,000.


Michelle R. Rachdorf and Kurt S. Rachdorf to Sandra Wang, 35 New South St., $265,000.

Penelope Burke to Jacob Buckley-Fortin and Faye Stephens, 440 Westhampton Road and Route 66, $827,000.

Lois Erskine and Lois Jean Erskine to Caitlin Burbridge Thunfors, 351 Pleasant St., $231,000.

Susan B. Lantz, Susan B. Lantz, trustee, and Susan B. Lantz Living Trust to Carey Goldenberg and William Wagler, 74 Lyman Road, $750,000.

Joan M. Hart, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of Joan M. Hart to 7Q59 Amherst LLC, 1-23 Eastern Ave., $1,650,000.

Sovereign Builders Inc., to Kirstin C. Johnson-Wright and Koga K. Wright, 211 Emerson Way, $735,000.

Geoffrey D. Sanborn and Sarah C. Towers to Windhorse Integrative Mental Health Inc., 26 Day Ave., $417,000.

James K. Dimos and Johanna Collins to Urban Health Technologies LLC, Fair Street Extension and Strong Road, $120,000.


Dan A. Gray and Theresa J. Peers Gray to Redfoot LLC, 77 Main St., $80,000.


Edward F. Schwing to Mark A. Smith, 276 Pleasant St., $105,000.

Continental Real Estate Services Inc., attorney, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association, by attorney, to Derek M. Salmi and Samantha L. Salmi, 154 Memory Lane, $225,000.


Karmacan LLC, to Richard Horton and Sarah Horton, 58 South Main St., $10,000.

William A. Spooner to Mark Buxton, 157 Wendell Depot Road, $219,000.


Alby Ngan to Xian Inc., 1244 Park St., $71,000.

Diane M. Chatel to Ronald J. Chatel, 33 Arnold St., $100,000.

Raymond F. LaBonte Jr., and Phattiya LaBonte to Michael Langone and Britnee Langone, 115 Shearer St., $255,000.


Julie A. Boucher to Dennis E. Nazzaro and Melissa A. Nazzaro, 364 Daniel Shays Highway, $430,000.


Lauren E. Dunn and Pamela L. Matsuda-Dunn to Johnathan R. Griffin and Nicole E. Tebaldi, West Street, $37,000.


Raymond W. Tuthill to Emily Ann Tuthill, 4 Mercy Anderson Road, $148,000.

South Hadley

Christopher A. Parent to James Bruce Bosman, trustee, Robert A. Bosman, trustee, and James B. Bosman Revocable Trust, 12 Promenade Way, $441,500.

Dhrumil Swadia to Dhrumil Swadia and Noopur Swadia, 25 Berwyn St., $100.

Mary Heaner to Mary Jane Heaner, trustee, and Mary J. Heaner Living Trust, 117 Pine Grove Drive, $100.

Melissa L. Pope and Christopher J. Pope to BBP Realty LLC, 13 Hadley St., $100.

Jonathan P. Galanis to Jonathan P. Galanis and Darleen Marie Hostetler, 11 Walnut St., and Prospect Street, $100.

Nancy M. Swartwout and Thomas W. Gravelin to Nancy M. Swartwout, 65 Pine Grove Drive, $100.

Stephen F. Donoghue to Nikkolas Michon, Fairview Heights and Lyman Road Off, $3,600.

David R. Lesiege, personal representative, and Joan R. Lesiege, estate, to Devon Powers, 41 Park Ave., $304,500.

Thomas M. Malone and Jane Malone to Jeffrey Paul Mackey, 12 Shadowbrook Estate, $241,000.

Stephanie A. Gibson and Stephanie Gibson to Raymond L. Brousseau, 14 Lloyd St., $285,000.


Jaan Development Corp., to Giberson Construction Inc., 3 Noble Steed Crossing, $85,000.

Janet M. Jaworski, representative, Iwona E. Bednarski, estate, and Iwona Ewa Bednarski, estate, to Michael Hollander and Leah Hollander, 139 Congamond Road, $314,000.

Philip W. S. Yocom and Kiran Yocom to Timothy Blais and Diane Blais, 3 White St., $585,000.


Adekunle O. Odubgile and Adekunle O. Odugbile to Heidi M. Cote, 60 Georgetown St., $167,000.

AEM Property Investment LLC, to Chelsea Tuthill and Gregory Bell, 117 Lumae St., $261,000.

Alain J. F. Houde to Lisandra Sepulveda, 715 Newbury St., $175,000.

Alycar Investments LLC, to Joshua Encarnacion, 27-29 Longview St., $235,000.

Andrew J. Renna to Timothy Aznavourian and Julianne Aznavourian, 480 Roosevelt Ave., $290,000.

Bretta Construction LLC, to Robert W. Karrasch and Kathryn A. Karrasch, 145 Barrington Drive, $465,000.

Carmen Villafuerte to Nancy Figueroa and Hunter Property Group LLC, 75 Ranney St., $292,000.

Casiano Ramos Jr., to Odettsy M. Solis Torres, 28 Beaven St., $235,000.

Casiano Ramos and Casiano Ramos Jr., to Odettsy M. Solis Torres, Beaven Street, $100.

Cig2 LLC, to Sheyla Silva, 17 Mark St., $214,000.

Cynthia Lord and Paul O’Donnell to Paula Brault, 133 Newhouse St., $130,000.

Enrique Ortiz to Diep Phan and Nguyen Nguyen, 546 White St., $235,000.

Frances Ivelisse Felix-Ramos to London Thomas, 150 Slater Ave., $190,000.

Gregory Dabney, Dabney Gene Gregory and Tonya Hall to Minuteman Properties & Acquisitions LLC, 222 Parker St., $143,578.

Jared M. Hamre and Matthew Maynard to Benigno Jesus Velasquez Perez, 15 Olive St., $135,000.

JJS Capital Investment LLC, to Roderick Cruz, 65 Maynard St., $389,900.

John G. Wood III, to Ryan P. Thomas, 110 Sierra Vista Road, $217,000.

Judith Raleigh-Rossini and Judith J. Raleigh to High Ridge Real Estate LLC, 24 Stony Brook Road, $123,000.

Kimberley A. Early to Christopher Mateo, 25 Nevada St., $206,000.

Lousleily A. Vega to Cig4 LLC, 23 Castle St., $156,000.

Malibu Rentals LLC, to Sonia Velazquez, 339 Abbott St., $150,000.

Matadormus LLC, to Marco B. Fontana, 53 Wilbraham Ave., $362,000.

Nanci Harris, Nanci K. Harris and William Harris to Equity Trust Co., custodian, Robert Lareau IRA and Robert Lareau, 80-82 Kenyon St., $80,000.

OPM Investments LLC, to Israel Mateo, 19 Wareham St., $214,000.

Paul Gilday to Paul Gilday and Kelly Libardi, 75 Edgemont St., $100.

Phillip Vivenzio and Karen Vivenzio to Alexei Dones and Aixa Rivera-Rios, 12 Biltmore St., $199,000.

Phoenix Development Inc., to Emmanuel A. Luzon, 22 Wendell Place, $321,000.

Riccardo Albano to Destiny N. Reyes and Rodrigo A. Reyes, 49 Benz St., $247,000.

Richard M. Pysz and Michael L. Moline to Jorge Luis Pagan and Maria C. Pagan, 360 Springfield St., $255,000.

Samuel Feliciano and Joan Davila to Nathaniel Sill Fox Jr., and Kristina W. Fox, 188 Florida St., $275,000.

Shirley A. Sellers, Shirley A. Brown and Lula C. Brown to Shirley A. Sellers and Shirley A. Brown, 82-84 Monmouth St., $100.

Siobhan Murphy to Patrick Joseph Murphy, 104 Colton St., $18,000.

Susan C. Samble to William Raleigh, 118 Carver St., $156,000.

Thomas Redfern to William Alvarado Jr., 15 Cleveland St., $210,000.

U S Bank, trustee, and Lehman XS Trust Mortgage Series 2007-3, trustee of, to JJJ17 LLC, 18-20 Rifle St., $132,300.

U S Bank, trustee, and RMAC Trust Series 2016-CTT, trustee of, to Bruce Tetrault, 17 Indian Leap St., $17,900.


Ferdene I. Chin-Yee and Scott Reed to Big River LLC, 195 River Road, $72,000.

Dorothy Lucas and Teresa Lucas to Daniel F. Cicia and Elizabeth N. Gordon, North Silver Lane, $3,252.


Roger Morin and Renee Huminski to Richard R. Morin and Aimee E. Morin, Lakeview Lane, $194,300.


Christine M. Josephson and Christine M. Celmer to Kyle Mackenzie Welch, 20 Smith Ave., $209,000.

Paula Ann Mosgofian, Lillian Mosgofian and Paula Mosgofian to Jerry L. Aldrich and Barry Aldrich, 225 Monson Turnpike Road, $268,000.

Kimberly A. Carr and Kimberly A. Swistak to Gregory Carr and Kimberly A. Carr, 194 North St., and 194 Upper North St., $100.

Kimberly O. Hartman, David J. Hartman and Kimberly O. Wloch to Kimberly O. Hartman and David J. Hartman, 203 Old Gilbertville Road, $100.

Jason D. Guertin, Nicole V. Thomas and Nicole Thomas to Jason D. Guertin, Nicole V. Thomas, Patricia A. Guertin and David J. Guertin, Bacon Road, $100.

Christopher Robidoux to Ryan Downing, 9 Oakridge Circle, $327,600.


Michael Dagilus and Justin W. Young to Jeremy Gaudreau and Sarah Gaudreau, Farley Road, $22,500.

West Springfield

Hedge Hog Industries Corp., to Amat Victoria Curam LLC, and Round Two LLC, 320 Park St., $425,000.

Jamie J. Mitchell to Danielle M. Jones, 170 Boulevard, $267,000.

Kevin M. Waller and Marissa R. Tinnemeyer to Joseph Gregory Kane and Caitlin Kane, 41 Plymouth Terrace, $275,000.

Nathaniel A. Martin to Nathaniel A. Martin and Kimberly A. Martin, 557 Dewey St., $100.

Zuleika Rivera to Jonathan A. Sheldon and Carol Sheldon, 308 Kings Highway, $211,000.


Malia Homebuyers LLC, to Elizabeth MacAdam and Brad MacAdam, 987 Shaker Road, $330,000.

MPT Development LLC, to Richard E. Fiore Jr., Medeiros Way, $550,000.

Scott J. Viets to WestMass Apartments LLC, 19 Sackett St., $140,000.

Stuart H. Luhrmann and Brandy L. Kellogg to William Demers, 225 Sackett Road, $255,000.

TNT General Contracting Inc., to Chase Realty Holdings Inc., 470 Southampton Road, $365,000.


Robert E. Delaney and Judy M. Delaney to Shannon M. Finnessey, Mine Road, $68,000.


Pamela Smith to Danielle Paley and Phillip Paley, 1 Sugarloaf St. Ext., $250,000.


Blueline Management LLC, to Mark A. Valley, 9 Pine Drive, $370,000.

Christopher C. Ward and Tracey C. Ward to Anthony Tranghese and Nicole B. Lacroix, 46 Decorie Drive, $399,999.

Episcopal Missions of Western Massachusetts to Brian S. Fitzgerald, trustee, and Cooley Drive Realty Trust, trustee of, 20V Highland Ave, $160,000.

Michael S. Gloster to Jessica M. Egan, 6 Bradlind Ave., $260,000.

Silo Farm Associates LLC, to Peter D. Martins and Lori S. Martins, 11 Stonington Drive/, $150,000.


Michael P. Frazier to Molly V. Smith and Joshua H. Clark, 16 Old Post Road, $280,000.

William Monahan and Wendy Monahan to Michael P. Frazier and Doris A. Frazier, Bashan Hill Road, $85,000.

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