Protect local jobs, approve online sports wagering and online gaming –

I testified before the Public Safety Committee in support of legislation authorizing sports wagering and online gaming, a critical change that will help Connecticut remain competitive with its neighbors; a change that is important to the thousands of employees just like me at Mohegan Sun.

I was pleased to hear that an agreement had been reached with the Mohegan Tribe, bringing Connecticut that much closer to making these changes a reality. Hopefully, this will happen this year.

The pandemic has crystalized the need for modernizing operations in Connecticut, and the state now has the chance to help us recover and help taxpayers and local economies throughout the state as well; all who benefit from the success of the tribe and the casino.

Passing online gaming and sports wagering will make it easier for our casinos to withstand future economic downturns by strengthening their operations in southeastern Connecticut, benefiting their employees, the region and the state.

With so much at stake, I hope our legislators act swiftly to authorize sports wagering and online gaming and support the employers that are focused on preserving and growing jobs here in eastern Connecticut.

Rob Gallagher


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