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There will be times when GTA Online players need to quit jobs and cancel missions.

Unfortunately, GTA Online is rarely straightforward. Whether it’s starting private sessions or leaving the lobby, players have to figure it out for themselves. The user interface (UI) is often counter-intuitive. This can lead to problems, such as navigating menu interactions.

As a result, some might be confused on how to quit jobs in their current state. Perhaps the player finds it too frustrating or they want to do something else. They need to learn how to quit jobs easily. This article will go into extensive detail on what to do and how to do it.

How GTA Online players can quit jobs and cancel missions

GTA Online is a massive game with several jobs and missions. Some of them aren’t worth the effort. Every now and then, players will run into difficult objectives or poor teammates. Here is how they can quit jobs.

Bring up the phone

GTA Online players need to pull out their phones. There are a total of nine icons on the screen. Players should look for the Job List, which is the center icon. When they click on it, they will be given a description of their current job. There is also a small purple trash can in the bottom left corner.

Players need to click on the trash can to quit their job. PlayStation owners will need to press the Square button, while Xbox owners press the X button. Players will be asked to confirm their decision. Once accepted, they will leave the current session. That’s how players can quit jobs.

Find a new session or leave the game

Speaking of sessions, players can also look for a new one. This is quite useful if they want to find a different session. Here is how it works in GTA Online.

The player should first pause the game. They should do it in a safer area, since others could attack them. There are multiple tabs on the pause menu. Players should go to the second one, which is Online.

They should look for the bottom two choices on this tab:

  • Find New Session
  • Leave GTA Online

Players will quit jobs if either of these are chosen. It’s a fast and easy method to get out of the current one. Players can also turn off the game if they are on a console.

Benefits to quitting jobs

GTA Online players have several reasons to find another job. First and foremost, they might end up with uncooperative crew members. All it does is waste precious time that can be spent grinding elsewhere.

Another reason is that the job might be too difficult for the player. For example, griefers can purposely destroy valuable cargo during sell missions. If the players cannot defend themselves, they are better off finding a new session.

GTA Online can be difficult to navigate. This is why some players can’t quit jobs.

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