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Habitats of North Dakota is offering five online-only courses through North Dakota State University. Educator can select one or all from Wetlands, Badlands, Riparian, Woodlands and Prairie habitats, with each one credit. Work at your own pace and develop a list of concepts and a lesson plan that will implement the key concepts into an existing curriculum.

In addition, students are responsible for reading and reviewing text, video and supplementary materials for each habitat guide. Courses are suitable for educators K-12. The material meets the state life science standards for grades 3-6 and North Dakota Studies standards for grade 4. Examples of implementation projects are provided for each Habitat course.

Online classes are Aug. 15-Sept. 30, and Oct. 15-Nov. 30. The NDSU course fee is $50 per credit payable upon registration. For more information, contact Sherry Niesar at 527-3714.

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