‘Businesses are looking for employees’: MassLive Media to launch online job fair through April 30 – MassLive.com

As the COVID-19 pandemic moved beyond its one-year anniversary, hope appeared in the form of vaccines. On Friday, Massachusetts eclipsed 1 million fully vaccinated people.

Along with the vaccines, job growth is another sign that the state may be approaching a finish line of the pandemic.

As companies add jobs in 2021, MassLive Media will launch an online job fair beginning Saturday, which will run through April 30.

“Businesses are looking for employees. They are able to open up and start doing things in different capacities,” Marketing Coordinator for MassLive Media Zoe Eckert said. “We wanted to give businesses the opportunity to find people they need. And then we also wanted to create an opportunity for our readers.”

While MassLive already promotes a jobs posting page on its website, the online job fair takes the job searching process a step further featuring local employers searching for local talent.

“The job fair includes all very local companies, who very specifically want to reach MassLive.com readership,” Eckert said. “They are companies within our community that are looking for people within our community to join their team.”

The more than month-long online job fair will begin with seven local companies including Bay Path University, DCU (Digital Federal Credit Union) and Quabbin Valley Healthcare. The number is expected to increase, so Eckert suggests readers check back often.

Currently, the online job fair offers a free webinar providing pointers on creating a resume. Eckert said more free webinars will also be added to the job fair in the future.

Those interested in the job fair can access the website here.

Anyone can browse the page and registration is not required. Each job posting will also include steps on how to apply for the position and what materials – such as a resume or references – are required.

“Some companies and industries are finding that they really do still need people and they want to make sure that they have the right teams and candidates,” Eckert said. “For those industries that are looking for new employees, they have a really big need and it makes it a pretty competitive job market for those positions.”

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