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BALDWINSVILLE — Are you leaving a job because of the pandemic or changing careers? Are you just starting out in the job market or were you furloughed? Now is the time to rewrite that resume. Baldwinsville Public Library is here to help!

Awarded an Adult Literacy and Workforce Development mini-grant, BPL has created on-demand and live courses geared to assist you.

Beginning later in March, BPL will be providing live Zoom sessions teaching you how to write a striking resume and cover letter. You will be able to build a resume that highlights your strengths and gets you to those all-important interviews.

Our course includes an Employment Connections Job Preparedness Kit, a workbook that helps you collect all your information in one place. Once you’ve done that, you create a master resume that can be customized into an interview-getting, job-specific resume. All this can be saved on the provided flash drive with directions on how to save to it.

Also included in the workbook is a cover letter building template and tips on how to write convincingly using the list of strong action words.

We have on-demand training videos on YouTube that show you how to create a Gmail account and use a flash drive, tools needed when applying for jobs online.

Find out more at the Baldwinsville Public Library by calling 315-635-5631 or [email protected] Dates and times will be announced soon.

– Jacquie Owens, Adult Services Librarian

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