The 50 most inspiring people and companies, according to industry creatives –

Working Not Working conducts an annual poll to check the temperature of its nearly 100,000-strong community, yielding fascinating insights on creative professionals’ inspirations and motivations. One of the most anticipated findings of the survey each year centers on which companies creatives want to work for most—organizations at which even committed freelancers say they would want to work at full time.

According to Working Not Working Co-Founder Justin Gignac, the results on that question this year came out virtually identical to 2020’s list, making for a pretty unsurprising lineup. “You don’t need us to remind you that companies like Google, Nike, Apple, Wieden+Kennedy, Netflix, Disney, and Droga5 are all at the forefront of creativity,” Working Not Working explained in its announcement this morning—thus, the shift in focus this year to inspiring people and companies. The list reflects a combination of people and companies Working Not Working members cited as their biggest inspirations, as creators of the year’s most impressive work and under-the-radar talents and firms that should be household names. 

Working Not Working’s 2021 survey also asked creatives’ thoughts on their work environments, in light of the struggles, changes and uncertainties of 2020.

The study discovered that 72% of the members surveyed would relocate for the right job. The majority of respondents, 58%, said they wanted a hybrid routine of working from home and going to the office, while 38% were fine staying completely remote. Only 4% said they wanted to return to the office full time. 

See the full list of most inspiring people and companies below and read more about the survey results in Working Not Working magazine

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