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Currently, Alex Fasulo is a Fiverr PRO seller, 6-figure freelance writer, books author, and freelancing personality on podcasts, talk shows, and blogs around the world.

Last year, when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, remote working and freelance became commonly adopted. And for some people, it became a new start and a source of incredible income. Alex Fasulo, a 28-year-old freelancer who works via the Fiverr platform, is a prime example. She managed to increase her earnings from $36,000 to $378,000 in just a year, and in CNBC’s “Make it”, she told how to make this much money being a freelancer.

How Did It Get Started for Alex Fasulo on Fiverr?

Back in 2015, Alex Fasulo worked in PR. However, she quit her job in New York as she could not work for that company anymore. According to Fasulo, it was her best decision ever. Being 22 at that time, Alex Fasulo decided to join the Fiverr platform and came up with trumps. Initially, she charged about $15 for her services but treated every client like they were high-ticket. Then, Fiverr asked her to be a freelancer on their new site, Fiverr Pro. The earnings increased from $15 to $100 per writing, mostly due to the number of five-star reviews she had amassed on Fiverr.

Currently, Alex Fasulo is a Fiverr PRO seller, 6-figure freelance writer, and freelancing personality on podcasts, talk shows, and blogs around the world. Besides, she owns a trending photo map app, EyePop, that helps travelers and influencers everywhere snap the best shot in any city. Fasulo is also the co-owner of Campfire Trailers, a mobile trailer bar business. Above all, she has written 5 e-books and developed 3 online courses for those who want to dive into the world of freelancing. Now, she charges her clients $1,000 for a 10,000-word e-book.

Fasulo said:

“I never expected that I could make this much money doing what I love while being so young.”

As the Fiverr millionaire has said, the most important thing is to give every client an all-star experience. It is also essential to market yourself widely and give the best work you can.

Alex Fasulo’s Investments

Now, as Fasulo’s income has increased to $378,000 a year, she can afford big purchases. One of them is a car. Previously, Fasulo used Uber Technologies Inc (NYSE: UBER) and Lyft Inc (NYSE: LYFT) services. Back in September, she bought her own car.

Fasulo said:

“My Uber and Lyft spending was out of control. It was coming to around $2,000 per month. Being in Brooklyn, you have to go over the bridges to get into Manhattan, so it’d be $30-$40 each way, every time I would go out.”

She added:

“I bought a yellow Jeep Wrangler in September 2020 in cash for $50,000. I’m obsessed with it. I love it to death. The pandemic inspired me to get one because I wanted to still be mobile and not reliant on flights to go travel and see our country.”

The next purchase Fasulo is considering is a house in Florida.

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