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It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced trader or someone new trying to get into Forex trading, it’s not the easiest field to get into or stay in. But there’s a way through which you can significantly increase your chances of success and drastically reduce your risk factors. We’ll be talking about that today, but first a bit of background.

Think Forex Trading is Hard – Think Again

The Background

Growing up, John Domond always had the ambition to reach the stars. But he is also someone for whom ambition alone is not enough. Today he might be the co-founder of Gap Closers University (more on that later) but the road here was not easy. With ambition and drive come a lot of experiments, and experiments he did. He began by starting a marketing company, tried inventing new things, and eventually shifted to real estate. That’s where he first began to realize that success is very much possible when one’s trying to close the gap between poverty and wealth. 

The issue is that, with real estate wholesaling, your income is often not consistent. You could make $20,000 one month, and $2,000 the next. It was during this time when John met Edouard Angrand and Reginald Oriental. They began to show him the ropes around Forex trading and investing. John began working with them and, long story short, in just a couple of years he had become the best trader he could possibly be.

This is also the point where he started to see a few problems with the Forex trading world. John Domond was lucky enough to have experienced mentors help him with his journey, but not everyone’s so lucky. There’s a lot of gunk out there; thousands of people are investing small fortunes into classes that are supposed to teach them trading but turn out to be scams. There are also a lot of “mentors” out there who actually know less about trading than an average Joe whose only connection to the Forex market might be through the evening news.

To address this, John Domond partnered up with his childhood friend Jonathan Michel, as well as his new friends Edouard Angrand and Reginald Oriental. They all agreed that there’s a severe need of experienced mentors in this industry, people who know what they’re doing. And that’s how the Gap Closers University was born.

Meet the Gap Closers University

The primary motivation behind was to make the world of Forex trading and investing accessible for the average person. By making it accessible for most people, the founders of GCU want more people to be able to efficiently close the gap between poverty and wealth, just like they did. All that sounds great, and you might have already heard this ideology before. You might be wondering, “How is GCU different?” Let’s look into that.

GCU was founded roughly a year ago. In just one short year, it has more than 175 members with 30% of them trading in 6 figures or more. One of GCU’s best members cleared $40,000 in a single month! Those are staggering figures and the performance of GCU is evident by them. Those people didn’t come from wealth, they didn’t already have 6 figures to invest into Forex trading. But with expert advice, mentorship, and all the tools that the original 4 Gap Closers provided them with, these people are able to achieve their dreams today. Now we come to the million-dollar question.

Can this be you?

Of course! It can be anyone. All you need is the drive to get better. The founders of Gap Closers University are just as passionate about helping people close the gap today as they were a year ago. Their record speaks for itself.

The only difference between you and those 175+ members of GCU is that they took the first step towards their dreams. So the real question is, are you willing to take that first step? 

“You can have anything you want, if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be, if you hold that desire with singleness of purpose.”

Abraham Lincoln

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