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NEW YORK, July 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Learning to trade as a beginner requires dedication and determination, as understanding the financial markets is a challenging task. This is where trading education and mentorship can help shorten the learning curve. The Trading Channel is one such financial company that offers the EAP Training Program. EAP stands for Extreme Analytical Program. The EAP training program is a university-style trading course and mentor program designed to take students from wherever they are to consistently profitable trading as fast as possible.

Steven Hart is the Founder/Head Trader at The Trading Channel. TTC is a trading university with the goal of helping new and struggling traders navigate the unforgiving financial markets. The Trading Channel’s target audience is anyone who is either a complete beginner or anyone that has been trying to trade for a while and is still struggling to make a profit. So, beginner traders benefit from the EAP training program by speeding up their learning process and essentially saving themselves a ton of time and money they would otherwise lose when trying to trade on their own.

The Extreme Analytical Precision Training Program 

The EAP training program is laid out perfectly for beginners to follow along and since the course is made of pre-recorded videos, they get to learn at their own pace and ask Steven Hart any questions or concerns they may have along the way. Struggling traders have oftentimes been trying to create a profitable trading career for months or even years at times. This is due to a number of different factors. But, TTC completely solves that with the EAP training program.

Not only does TTC stand out from other educators from the extremely detailed and perfectly organized training course called The Transition Course that is appropriately named as it is meant to transition traders from beginners or struggling to pro traders as fast as possible. But, TTC and Steven Hart also provide consistent and ongoing support to every student through what is known as “priority email”. So, at any point that students have trading-related questions, Steven is there to personally help them and get through any confusion they may face.

Students also receive 3 to 5 alerts per week that Steven sends out. These alerts are always based on strategies they have learned in the course. This way, students can see exactly how Steven is trading the strategies they are learning and follow along if they choose to.

Another extremely helpful part of the program is the Pro Trader Report that TTC sends to students every Monday. This is a weekly video where Steven tells students the exact trades that he is looking to get into throughout the week based on what he sees on higher time frames. It is a look into Steven’s exact analysis each week so that students can learn all of the skills that he has mastered over his 10-year trading career by watching him use them every week. 

Most importantly, students receive immediate access to TTC’s flagship course (The Transition Course) once they purchase the EAP Training Program. The Transition Course has 3 main sections. Throughout the past 5 years, Steven Hart has taught over 10k students how to trade in the Forex (and other) financial markets. In that experience, he has found the perfect way to organize the course material to ensure that students have the best chance for success.

  • The Transition Course Section 1: Section 1 is all about the basics. This section will ensure that every trader has a good foundation for trading success. Just like building a house on a weak foundation, if traders build their trading career on a weak foundation, then it is very likely to come crashing down. So, the basics course ensures that each student has a proficient knowledge of the basics of the Forex market, technical analysis, how to place a trade, entry patterns, and much more. All of which creates a solid trading foundation for success.
  • The Transition Course Section 2: Section 2 is all about the transition. Throughout Steven’s years of experience in teaching, he has realized that it is best for traders to learn 1 rules-based strategy at the beginning and work off of that as they become better traders. In section 2, Steven teaches students one completely rules-based strategy. Throughout this section, he also teaches students everything they need to know about the other most important parts of trading. Including, backtesting, risk management, and how to create an entire trading plan. By the end of this section, students have all the information needed to accomplish their trading goals.
  • The Transition Course Section 3: Section 3 is all about the advanced material. In this section, Steven shows traders a few more advanced strategies and advanced ways of taking targets to increase their win rate and overall return on investment. In this section, Steven also teaches students how to increase trading accuracy using multiple time frame strategies.


TTC’s EAP Training program is the perfect option for beginner traders who wish to master the art of trading. The EAP Training Program provides traders an organized and step-by-step process to creating a profitable trading career. So, instead of continuing to lose money and get frustrated about their trading abilities, the EAP Training Program shows them strategies that have been proven to work, and exactly how to implement those strategies in real markets.

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