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Forex Signals – How DA(BA) is leading young people to gain financial freedom from the Crypto market

Weeks ago, in another appalling display of highhandedness and ignorance, the Nigerian government gave a directive prohibiting financial institutions from engaging in cryptocurrency transactions. The news ruffled the Nigerian crypto space briefly before business continued as usual. However, the unpalatable news was a reminder and a revelation. A reminder to crypto users that cryptocurrency’s original objective was to enable flexible transactions without having traditional financial institutions in the picture. A revelation that young people (can) legitimately attain financial freedom without being choked by government bottlenecks.

Leading this movement of financial freedom is DA(BA): a company committed to empowering African youths through digital education. It is an online learning platform that enables people and organizations from across Africa (and other parts of the world) learn high-income, in-demand digital skills. Since its creation by Chris Ani, a visionary and radical change agent in the African digital and financial space, DA(BA) has recorded massive impact and results within two years of its creation. The platform has enriched youths with digital skills like crypto education and trading, and enabled them to accumulate wealth.

Stories of DA(BA)’s impact abound. Blessing, a graduate of the University of Port Harcourt made over 1 million naira in 30 days from crypto trading. She had less than $100 when she opened her Binance account. But one day on the WhatsApp group, she learnt of the Uniswap airdrop. She followed the procedures and was rewarded with $1,300. That money became her trading capital. And in less than a month, she grew that capital to $2,500.

Another beneficiary of the crypto space is Smart. Smart used two DA(BA) courses as ladders for financial success. Like Blessing, he also received the airdrop reward and made profits from trading. He used these profits—coupled with the strategies he got from DA(BA)’s WhatsApp Monetization Course—to set up a poultry farm. As of November 2020, Smart no longer sold chickens in single units but made bulk sales of at least 50 units. He has become one of the biggest suppliers of chickens in Nnewi, Anambra State, Nigeria.

What about Amos, who was wrecked by Forex but got saved by crypto? He started trading with a capital of $40, which he later increased to 400 dollars. And in 60 days, he made over $1000 in profits and recovered all his Forex losses. With these profits, he renovated his parents’ house and also bought his first land.

Or should we talk about Tomilola, who learnt how to be both an OTC and exchange trader from DA(BA)? His first profit as an OTC trader was ₦100,000, and from that sum, he increased his Binance portfolio. Between August and October 2020, Tomilola made over ₦600,000 as an exchange trader, besides OTC trading profits. Today, he has a fish farm and is looking to invest in real estate.

Eso Benedict is a married man with kids who first heard about Bitcoin in 2017. Unfortunately, in 2018, he faced a financial challenge in which he lost everything—including his cryptocurrencies. That event marked the beginning of his hiatus in crypto trading till he came across Chris Ani’s Facebook post in 2020. After much contemplation, he joined DA(BA) in July 2020. From the signals he received from Chris and DA(BA) crypto team, he made profits between 70 – 130% to the tune of 2.5 million naira just within five weeks of joining the school. He just recently changed his car in February.

The stories are numerous. There is Kingsley, who received a loan of $1000 from a friend to purchase DA(BA)’s crypto course. He used $800 as his trading capital and, in no time, grew his portfolio to $6,000. There is Tochukwu, who made $10,000 within a month of being in the crypto space. There is also Moses, who was able to grow his $250 portfolio to $1500. There are the likes of Shonub, Mula and Eso Benedict, who have bought lands, bought cars, built houses, and made their loved ones happy since they became investors and traders in the crypto space.

These names and many others are breaking barriers and are enjoying new levels of financial transformation. They are united by a common saviour: DA(BA). Anybody can be part of this life-changing platform by first downloading the DA(BA) app on Google Playstore or Apple Store. This gives the student access to a myriad of courses—from the Trade and Make Money course to the Cake Baking and Decoration course. Enrolling in any of the courses gives the student access to an online community where they get continuous guidance from course facilitators and interact with other students.

Students of the crypto course receive access to an online community and a signal room to receive trading signals from Chris Ani and the DA(BA) crypto team. These signals guide them on the assets to buy and the best entry and exit points for trading these assets. In the traders’ chat room, students receive further guidance and information on portfolio risk management, market trends, company news, etc.

The crypto market equips young people and gives them the opportunity to earn—even in foreign currencies. The market gives them the medium to participate and contribute to the global economy through job creation.

But all these wouldn’t have been possible if these young people haven’t harnessed DA(BA) as a veritable platform for wealth creation. The platform that held them by the hand and walked them through the road to financial freedom. The platform that helped them reclaim the power to choose a better life in a country that constantly rids one of this power.

Forex Signals – How DA(BA) is leading young people to gain financial freedom from the Crypto market

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