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While forex trading sounds tempting for many, starting to trade in South Africa can be challenging if you don’t have enough guidance. For example, how do you find out the most appropriate time and the most promising currency pair to trade? What strategies should you use as a beginner? Fortunately, you can learn from the best forex traders in South Africa, and use their success stories as your guide.

Sandile Shezi

Sandile Shezi is not your everyday trader. If you’re dealing with fear and stress, you should look up his journey. Sandile put his tuition money into the Forex market and powered his way through with accurate insights, sharp reactions, and an iron-like mind. At age 26, Shandi now owns the Global Forex Institute and teaches new traders to start on the right foot.

Ref Wayne

Ref Wayne is often recognized as one of the most successful forex traders in South Africa. He made the top 10 trader’s list at age 22 and shifted his focus from trading to training. Ref Wayne has also created the first SA Cryptocurrency Pip Coin. When he started, he turned his frustration from lacking career development opportunities into motivation to succeed in the forex world, and he sure did it.

Nelisiwe Masango

While forex is a male-dominant game, there have been more female traders seizing the spotlight in recent years. Nelisiwe Masango is considered the most successful female forex trader in South Africa. She is a 100% self-taught trader. Interesting enough, Nelisiwe’s initial motivation for getting into trading was the movie The Pursuit of Happiness. Aside from being a trader, Nelisiwe is also an entrepreneur running multiple businesses. It is clear her fearless personality helped her to succeed in the forex and the business world.

Louis Tshakoane

Louis Tshakoane is more than a successful forex trader. He is also one of the youngest millionaires in Africa. Therefore, if you’re looking to learn from the best, check out his training institution called Undercover Millionaire’s Currency. Tshakoane is famous around the globe for his prophetic power in the forex market. For him, solid research, extensive analysis, and accurate prediction are the three pillars supporting his success.

Shaun Benjamin

Did you know? Shaun Benjamin made his first million at age 21. His story shares similarities with many of the world’s top entrepreneurs. When he couldn’t afford to go to engineering school, Benjamin turned to the forex market for a new way out while working in the mining industry. Eventually, forex allowed him to quit his full-time job. For him, the biggest lesson learned was using his mistakes in the market as stepping stones for more success.

Almost all of the well-known forex traders in South Africa started with a trustworthy broker. A professional, secure, and accessible brokerage platform will be your best partner in business. While there are many options out in the world, our top recommendation goes to JustForex, a robust, modern, cross-device forex broker.

Of course, you have many other broker options too. Whatever you choose, make sure you check their licenses and third-party reviews. You want to make sure your broker can provide you customer support even when the market isn’t open. We also recommend you work with an established broker instead of an extremely new platform.

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