Traderfex: Transforming Trades into Lucrative Opportunities –

Traderfex is a fast-moving global trading platform allowing investors to trade with stocks and currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, and commodities.

Packed with all the tools traders could ever need for a complete trading immersion, and made of a dedicated team of market professionals and trading experts who have years-long experience in the industry, Traderfex is bridging the gap between simplicity, instant access to trades, 24/5 customer support, and a customizable platform on the device of your choice.

A personal account manager is assigned to every client, along with a set of education tools that help beginner trades get a firm grasp of the market and its trends. 

Traders can choose from 5 pricing plans, each of which is upgradable. Variable or fixed spreads, allowed hedging positions, market updates, and no-requotes are among some of the features available for traders as soon as they choose a package that best suits them.


The Starter account type is the basic plan, best suited for beginners, who are on the verge of starting out. For a minimum deposit of 250 and zero deposit fees, you can activate your account. The spread is floating (implying that the ask and bid price difference will vary depending on the market situation), but there are no upfront commissions. In addition, you get a personal bonus policy, and a personal account manager to assist you.

The advanced pricing plan offers hedging, access to education tools, and market update emails, while the expert account has a fixed spread. Traders get the chance for live news updates, advanced training, and an experienced trading consultant they can turn to.

For the VIP account, the spreads are negotiable and users get an executive account manager, one-on-one trading i.e., expert training with a PERSONAL trainer.

There is also an Islamic account that offers no spread widening, no requotes, no hidden cost whatsoever, and a 100% real-time market execution. This account is specifically tailored to Islamic forex traders and follows the Islamic principles of trading and finance, hence, there is no interest accumulation. Traders will neither pay nor receive interest rates, according to Sharia law.

Traderfex’s solution platform can be accessed on your desktop computer, via a web browser or a smartphone.

Investors can check the history of the stocks and currencies from the moment they appeared on the market. You can track forex or stock price movements by the second. This is crucial because the market itself will tell you about its next move more than any other expert broker or forecast ever will.

The platform is protected with a 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) so no one can get access to your personal information. Data breaches and cybercriminals are out of the question. This is so useful because a lot of the information is sensitive, so it’s every platform’s obligation to protect its clients.

With their unique solution, you can track trading strategies and even imitate veteran trader’s accounts and learn from their expert practices and strategy.

Traderfex puts leverage out of the way. You practically cannot get into debt with them. They allow you to trade only with your own funds; you cannot borrow from your broker and enter crippling losses, which means fewer headaches to worry about.

Deposits and withdrawals are prompt and can be conducted with a credit or debit card and via a bank transfer. Credit card deposits are instant, while a bank transfer may take a few days to be processed, depending on your bank. The same applies for withdrawals.

Traderfax functions with flat fees, so there will be no hidden costs or down payments whatsoever.

To register with Traderfex, click here. 

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