Moneta Markets Launch New PAMM Forex Accounts – FX Empire

PAMM services generate a significant amount trading volume for retail brokers, and the introduction of Moneta Markets new PAMM forex account, allows Money Managers to and start trading over 300+ Forex pairs, indices, commodities, Share CFDs, and cryptos, offering investors exposure to a range of instruments.

David Bily, Moneta Markets Founder said, “By partnering with financial services specialists, Brokeree, Panda, as well as our network of Money Managers, we have been put a lot of work into to perfecting our PAMM platform to deliver an automatic and secure solution for PAMM Managers and their investors. Our platform allows Money Managers to quickly onboard investors, and create an unlimited number of investor accounts, so it’s scalable with their business.

“The Manager’s trades are instantly executed through Moneta Markets’ liquidity pool and the PnL from the trades is then allocated by equity to the investors account thanks to end-to-end integration with MT4 and our WebTrader platforms. And, both manual and EA/Automated trading are supported, which meets the needs of a variety of PAMM managers and their target investors. As well as offering flexible PAMM/CPA/IB plans, all fee, rebate and commission structures are customizable, calculated automatically. We have put a lot of time and effort into streamlining and automating the entire process so that our partners can stick to what they’re best at, which is trading. With instant onboarding and a wide range of deposit methods, investors can connect to the master account and receive their allocation immediately.

“Transparency is key for us. Our PAMM platform offers separate and intuitive dashboards for both Managers and their Investors, and offers in-depth trade reporting and statistics.

“As an all-in-one solution for PAMM Managers, we believe that we have created a PAMM product that is ahead of the market, and we will continue to build on our offering based on the feedback we receive from both our partners, and clients.”

The addition of a PAMM platform makes Moneta Markets the solution for partners of all types, and an addition to their existing Affiliate, Hybrid, and Introducing Broker partnership programs, the broker continues to demonstrate its reputation as an industry leader for partners and clients alike.

Interested in signing up as a Moneta Manager? Find out more about Moneta Markets’ PAMM service here.

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