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The Forex market is the largest financial market in the world. As there is no centralized marketplace for the Fx market, investors should choose a Forex broker cautiously to assist them in performing their trading strategies. Nowadays, there is a large number of Foreign exchange brokers. So, selecting the best one needs careful sifting through a large number of online advertisements and magazines. Let us have a look at all that you should know to choose the right forex broker. 

Tips to Choose the Best Forex Broker

You may have created an excellent forex strategy, but if your forex broker runs away with your capital, your research and hard work will go in vain. So, follow the below tips to find the best forex broker who meets all your needs. 

  1. Evaluate your Needs: Before you start looking at the forex brokers, you should evaluate your needs. Do you want to trade a little or a lot? Do you want to capture big moves or small moves? Go with an ECN broker if you capture small moves and day trade. You will have to pay some commission on every trade, but your spreads will be tighter. If you do not need an ECN broker, you will have a large pool of brokers left. Select a broker and an account type that matches your funds. Work with a broker who aligns with all your needs. 
  2. What Should the Broker Offer: Once you know your needs and have narrowed down the list of prospective brokers, search for the following. The broker should not have a “dealing desk.” If you are a day trader, then you wish to interact with the market directly. Sending orders to trading desks takes a lot of time and leads to “re-quotes.” Due to time delays, many good trading opportunities are gone. 

Also, ensure that the brokers are regulated with a well-known financial system. Look for brokers who are available whenever you need them. Ensure to open a practice account with the chosen brokers and send them many emails with questions. See how quickly and thoroughly they reply. 

  1. Test the Broker Personally: By now, your list of selected brokers should be smaller. But still do not make a decision. You should personally test the Forex brokers you like. To do so: 
  • Create a demo account with the broker and look at their trading conditions. All your orders should immediately execute. The platform should be stable and the spreads tight. 
  • If this demo account works well for weeks, create a live trading account. You should use only a part of the funds you have. 
  • Trade in the live account for two weeks at least. Keep testing the customer support, assessing their response time, and asking them questions. 
  • Make a withdrawal. Based on the withdrawal method, it can cost you many dollars. 
  • If all looks good, you have done your diligence. You can now deposit your remaining capital and start trading. 
  1. Be Aware of the Losing Traders Reviews: While choosing a broker, you should also look at the written reviews of the preferred brokers and discussion forums. Unless this information comes from credible sources, you should be aware of them as well. 
  2. Keep Away From Bonuses: While opening a live account, you should avoid all kinds of bonuses that forex brokers offer. Nothing is available for free. In case you accept any bonus, it can interfere with the withdrawals. Send an email to the broker with your account opening application stating that you do not want to participate in any bonuses. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting With a Forex Broker

Below are the qualities that you should consider when starting with a forex broker: 

Security: A good Forex broker should offer high levels of security. Checking a broker’s credibility is not difficult. Different regulatory agencies differentiate the reliable ones from the fraudulent ones. Before depositing your capital with a forex broker, ensure that the specific broker is regulated. 

Transaction Costs: Regardless of what type of forex trader you are, you will face transaction costs always. Whenever you make a trade, you will have to pay a commission or a spread. So, look for the lowest and most reasonable prices. At times, there are situations when you have to sacrifice a low transaction cost for a reliable broker. 

Deposits and Withdrawals: A good forex broker will let you deposit and with funds in a hassle-free way. The Forex broker should ensure that the withdrawal procedure is smooth and fast. 

Customer Services: No broker is perfect. Hence, you should choose a broker who can be contacted when problems arise. The proficiency of a broker when handling technical or account support issues is as essential as their trade execution performance. 

Trading Platform: Most trading activities take place through the trading platform of the broker. Hence, the trading platform should be stable and user-friendly. When searching for a broker, check what their trading platform offers. Does it offer you news feeds for free? Does it offer you the information needed to trade successfully? How about simple-to-use charting and technical tools? 


If you have full confidence in the Forex broker you choose, you can devote more attention and time to analyze and create forex strategies. A little bit of research will go a long way. It can also increase a trader’s chances of success and profits in the Forex market. 

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