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Mind Medicine (NASDAQ: MNMD) is a psychedelic medicine biotechnology company that started trading on the Nasdaq exchange on Tuesday. 

MNMD stock is no stranger to the public exchange as shares of Mind Medicine have been listed on the OTC exchange under the ticker “MMEDF”. As part of the MNMD stock debut, shares of MindMed will graduate to the Nasdaq exchange but will retain its listing on the Canadian Neo Exchange under the ticker “MMED”. 

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The much anticipated Mind Medicine stock debut was not met with investor enthusiasm as MNMD closed the session lower by nearly 30% at $4.02. Investors and traders will likely be keeping a close eye on Mind Medicine stock for signs of a rebound over the coming days and weeks.

With this in mind, this page will help you identify the best places to buy Mind Medicine stock.

How & where to buy MNMD stock right now

Buying MNMD stock and buying shares of any company in 2021 is a straightforward task. If you want to buy Mind Medicine stock right now, your best option is through a reliable and trustworthy stock broker. While individual platforms vary in terms of how they look, they all perform the same basic task of buying and selling shares with low/no fees.

Our team of financial experts spent extensive periods of time evaluating different stock platforms to determine the best way of buying MindMed stock. We have concluded that the following 2 stock brokers are the best places to buy MindMed stock.

1. ForexTB

ForexTB is a CFD (contract for difference) broker that lets you trade on every asset class, from stocks to cryptocurrencies. There are more than 300 assets available in total and there’s lots of educational material to help you get started.

If you want to buy Mind Medicine stock quickly and easily, ForexTB is a safe and convenient choice. Get started by clicking the link below.

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2. Plus500

Plus500 is also a CFD broker that lets you trade a huge range of assets, such as stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies, along with things like indices as well. It has an easy to use interface with lots of advanced features that will appeal to beginners and experienced traders alike.

Plus500 is an excellent and trustworthy broker to use to buy Mind Medicine shares now. You can start by using the link below.

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What is Mind Medicine stock?

Mind Medicine stock, or MindMed stock, engages in the discovery, development, and deployment of psychedelic inspired medicines and therapies. The company’s therapies are designed to address addiction and mental illness.

One of the company’s therapies, called 18-MC, attempts to treat the part of the brain that causes addiction, rather than just the symptoms.

MindMed stock might appeal to investors looking for exposure to innovative companies working on the future of psychedelic inspired medicines and therapies.

Will Mind Medicine stock rise in value?

Mind Medicine is in the pre-revenue stage and ended 2020 with a net and comprehensive loss of $35.1 million. Management cautioned investors in a March 2021 disclosure it expects losses to fluctuate from quarter to quarter and year to year.

The case for buying Mind Medicine’s stock is based on management’s estimated total addressable market of 21 million Americans who suffer from at least one addiction. Mind Medicine also addresses unmet needs among the 10 million Americans who suffer from ADHD and the 284 million people who suffer from anxiety worldwide.

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