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Trillions of dollars have been injected by central
banks around the world into their economies to support recovery in 2020. One of
the results has been eroded currency values. With traditional assets becoming
unpredictable and offering lower returns, cryptocurrencies emerged as a viable
investment alternative. Bitcoin, being a deflationary asset, has increasingly
been adopted as a hedge against currency debasement. Apart from Bitcoin’s “digital
gold” narrative, a lot of other developments related to mining, trading, DeFi
applications, network speeds and more made the rounds in the cryptocurrency
space last year.

Most importantly, cryptocurrencies saw huge
institutional support with some of the largest names investing in them or
accepting them as payment options on their platforms. At the same time,
developments in the blockchain space are accelerating, some backed by
governments and others by corporates. Interactivecrypto understands that every
bit of news related to the cryptocurrency community and fiat economies is
important for traders.

One of the leading source of information in the crypto
space, Interactivecrypto aggregates news, studies, opinions, guides and ideas
to help traders develop informed crypto trading strategies. Along with 24/7 support
for comprehensive technical analysis, trading signals, real-time exchange rates
and cryptocurrency exchange and wallet reviews, the platform provides members
with holistic support for trading digital assets. With over 200,000 registered
members, Interactivecrypto sees 50,000 active traders accessing various
features on its platform every day.

In-Depth Coverage of the Cryptocurrency

Interactivecrypto provides investors access to
detailed information on the world’s top cryptocurrencies and everything there
is to know about blockchain technology. The platform covers over 300
cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, Cosmos,
Chainlink and Monero. The site provides comprehensive guides, opinions, news
and ideas related to these assets in an interesting and easy-to-understand
manner. All the information is included from official sources with appropriate
links to source materials, wherever applicable. A wide range of topics are covered,
such as:

  • Trading
  • Blockchain
  • Overview
    of crypto trading and investment vehicles
  • Trading
    signals and how they work
  • Risk
    management tactics
  • Regulatory
    developments in the crypto space
  • Overview
    of new crypto assets
  • Press
    releases on latest industry developments and announcements

Sudden events in the cryptocurrency community might
spur volatility and impact trading positions. Timely market news helps
investors and traders analyse the future applications and market value of
blockchain projects, and also stay updated of bitcoin scams and fraudulent practises in the market.

Decisions regarding crypto trading need to be made after
properly evaluating a coin’s fundamentals and future promise. Interactivecrypto
equips traders with the resources to make such decisions through various content
formats. The company’s aim is to empower traders to make informed trading

Live Coin Prices

The Interactivecrypto platform offers traders access
to real-time cryptocurrency prices for efficient trading. Price and market cap
data along with trading volume help traders track market volatility. Access to
live price charts for Bitcoin and other assets means traders can adjust the
period values of the chart to understand a coin’s price trajectory over
different timeframes, such as 10 days, 1 month, YTD and Max.

Users of the platform can create watch lists to help
identify potential trades that meet their criteria.

Comprehensive Technical

Trend indicators, like moving averages, can help
smooth out high market volatility, so that traders can focus on the underlying
trend. The platform deploys many such indicators, including support and
resistance levels and pivot points, across multiple timeframes, to help identify
market patterns. Based on these patterns, “buy” and “sell” signals are
generated. Through a combination of technical analysis and data mining, traders
can gain insights into the overall market sentiment with regard to a particular

Trading signals, based on comprehensive data analysis,
are important tools for both new and experienced crypto traders. For someone
new, it offers a firm base to start trading without knowledge of advanced
technical analysis. Professional traders can also use these signals to
complement or modify their trading strategies.

Broker and Wallet Reviews

Interactivecrypto is dedicated to contributing towards
a safer crypto trading environment. On its platform, traders can read detailed
reviews of cryptocurrency brokers platforms. They can also find all the information
they need, such as minimum deposit, regulatory licenses, funding solutions,
list of assets and trading technology, to make the right choice of broker.
Based on multiple parametres, ratings are given so as to provide a fair and
transparent opinion on what each broker brings to the table. This includes
commission structures, educational resources, leverage offered, customer
services and more.

Interactivecrypto also reviews crypto wallets and
connects traders to them. These unbiased reviews help traders choose the best-fit
trading environment and tools to support a successful future in trading.

Educational Resources

From the basics of bitcoin trading to cryptocurrency
mining or even about using bitcoin on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms, Interactivecrypto
offers plenty of articles and videos to educate traders. Free quizzes and
courses make crypto trading education fun and accessible.

Cryptocurrency trading is set for another exciting
year in 2021. What’s even more compelling is the underlying blockchain
technology, which drives coin functionalities, will continue to spread its
wings across different industries. Governments and regulatory bodies will also continue
to devise the best ways to regulate and facilitate the digital asset class. The
higher the adoption of this technology for real-world use cases, the higher
will be the potential of the coins to become valuable assets in a portfolio.

Interactivecrypto aims to help traders flourish in the
highly volatile cryptocurrency markets by equipping them with up-to-date
information, accessible 24/7. Through sophisticated technical analysis and data
mining tools, the platform helps traders of all styles and experience levels
finetune their trading strategies for long-term success. Individual traders
don’t need to be market or computer experts to analyse the markets or create
robust trading plans.

The platform is compatible across all devices,
including Windows, iOS and Android. This ensures that global crypto information
remains at the fingertips of traders.

About the Company

The team at InteractiveCrypto has over a decade of experience in the trading
domain. Their experience with the financial markets and their passion for
trading led them to create a comprehensive platform that would ease the process
of trading for people of all levels of experience.

They have already garnered an active user base of over
200,000 customers from all across the world. To offer a seamless
experience to visitors, regardless of their country, the 
InteractiveCrypto platform comes with an auto-translation feature.
The main aim of the platform is to provide traders all the information
they need to get started in trading cryptocurrencies. The mobile app is
available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

For more information on the platform,
Invest in yourself. See our forex education hub.

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