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Tixee is an online broker for stocks, forex, CFDs, indices, metals and energies, offering a trading platform for beginners and experienced traders. The brokerage firm provides a wide range of trading tools and educational materials, which is valuable to retail and institutional investors. With the Tixee forex trading platform, traders get unbeatable customer support, exceptional trade  execution, highly competitive  spreads, dependable trading platform and an exceptional range of tradable assets.

How to Open a Real Forex Trading Account with Tixee Online?
First, a real trading forex account enables one to invest in the forex markets using real cash and receive real income. Second, several types of real trading accounts exist, all of which allow investors to trade forex and perform other trading operations. Opening a real online trading account at Tixee is fast, easy and seamless and the broker offers four account types, Entry, Standard, Premium and VIP. All these trading accounts incorporate popular Tixee trade execution, various trading platforms and negative balance protection. The account opening process is simple and straightforward and the Tixee support agents are never more than a click away should you need any assistance.

Which Forex Currency Pairs and Spreads Can I Trade?
All financial markets have spread, and so do forex markets. Simply put, when it comes to currency trading, the spread is the difference between the currency bid price (buy price) and ask price (sell price). Experienced forex traders synonymously refer to this bid as the ask spread. Currency pairing, trade’s size and volatility can affect the spread size. Major pairs that one can trade on include: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, AUD/USD and USD/CAD. Still, Tixee is home to other minor currency pairs and exotic currency pairs.

How to Build a Strong Forex Trading Strategy
In order to avoid experiencing a widening spread, it’s recommendable for traders to follow a specific trading style. Spreads narrow or widen due to various reasons. So, there are aspects that individual traders and retail traders need to be accustomed to.

Be Aware of Widening  Spreads
Forex investors should be acquainted with spread since it’s the main cost incurred in forex daily trading volume. A wide spread means a high trading expense, while illiquid currency trades and volatility times combined with leveraged trading indicates unwanted foreign exchange trading. Traders with minimum trade size should consider taking a large position that’s relative to the account size. Here are valuable techniques that traders can incorporate to make their life much easier in the foreign exchange market.

Evaluate Factors Which Impact the Spread Size
Traders should be wary of volatility, liquidity and news to avoid high spread costs linked to widening spreads.

Pick High Liquidity Forex Pairs
Those who are novices in the stock market must choose high liquidity forex currency pairs. High currency exchange rates come with low spreads and a reduced rate risk under normal circumstances.

Consider the Day Time Trading
The time of day impacts foreign exchange rates, and that’s why traders need to think about it in their trading technique. Forex spreads are low during the main trading sessions, Sydney, Tokyo, London and New York due to the high traded volumes. So, for a perfect spot market, trading during these forex exciting markets is sensible.

Why Tixee is the Right Forex Broker for Traders?

Competitive Pricing
Tixee combines good spreads, quick execution speeds and genuine commitment to assist traders in attaining their trading goals as they trade CFDs, forex and other stock assets. Trading with CFDs has never been this easy, thanks to Tixee’s low margins on international instruments.

Outstanding Technical Analysis
The expert analysis provided by Tixee professionals allows one to take advantage of the enormous forex daily turnover, besides trading CFDs.

Premium Client Service
Opening a premium account plan at Tixee assures one private training session, dedicated customer support and other valuable benefits.

Availability of the Popular Trading Platforms
After opening retail investor accounts or individual accounts on this firm, trades can opt to use MetaTrader 4, 5 or Tixee web trader to execute  their trades. What’s more, traders can opt for mobile trading on the Tixee mobile apps, available for Android and iOS devices.

Unmatched Experience
For traders searching for a broker with experience, please consider picking Tixee as it ticks every check box. As a reputable forex broker in the forex industry for many years, Tixee is helpful and friendly to beginners and expert traders. In the end, there are plenty of reasons why traders should consider signing up at Tixee.

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