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If you are looking for the best trading app in the UK, then you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of great options out there that are well-regulated and appeal to all kinds of investors. Choosing a trading app in the UK should depend on your investment strategy and the type of markets you want to trade in. We have rounded up all of the best options below that appeal to all kinds of traders and experience levels. 

Best Trading Apps in the UK 2021

If you are based in the UK then you have a wide choice of powerful trading apps available. These apps are all well-regulated and trustworthy to use across the UK. We have chosen the absolute best options below for all kinds of investors. 

This is our selection…

  • eToro
  • Plus500
  • AvaTrade
  • Pepperstone
  • Interactive Brokers
  • IG
  • Trading 212
  • Fineco Bank
  • Interactive Investor
  • Fidelity
  • XTB
  • CMC Markets
  • FXTM
  • Hargreaves Lansdown


No list of the best trading apps in the UK could be complete without mentioning eToro. This user-friendly app has been designed for everyone wanting to start investing online. 

Beginners make use of the features that allow you to follow experienced traders. Experienced traders can enjoy access to a wide range of investment opportunities, as well as many helpful tools. 

etoro logo

etoro logo



Social, community-driven trading platform

Very minimal research and analyst tools/reports

Social/copy trading available

Not many charts or technical indicators available

0% commission fees on stocks and competitive trading


There’s no doubt that Plus500 is one of the best CFD trading apps available. Plus500 does only cater to CFD trading, but you do get a good range of instruments to choose from. 

This includes stocks, forex, and crypto. Trading on the app is commission-free which is a huge bonus. Plus500 is licensed by the FCA for safe mobile trading in the UK.

Plus500 Comparison

Plus500 Comparison



Commission-free trades

Only available for CFD trading

High leverage available

Few research tools available

Trade CFDs for free stock options

Includes a free demo mode for beginner traders


AvaTrade is a popular online trading platform that offers three different trading apps. These are AvaTrade GO, AvaTrade Options, and AvaTrade Social. Each of these is specifically geared towards certain traders and markets. 

With the different choices available, AvaTrade as a whole can appeal to all kinds of traders and investment strategies based around trading forex options through CFDs. You get loads of technical tools and expert advice available through AvaTrade. 

AvaTrade Logo

AvaTrade Logo



Offers excellent research tools

Only suitable for trading CFDs

A choice of specific app options available

Easy to open an account and start trading

Excellent support available


If you are interested in forex trading in the UK, then Pepperstone comes highly recommended. This is a CFD focused trading platform with excellent investment opportunities around forex.

The app is very user-friendly, efficient, and a good choice for beginners. there is also a risk-free demo mode for getting started.

Pepperstone Logo



Active traders can get daily cash rebates

Investor protection is not offered for non-EU users

Very low equity index CFD and forex fees

CFD only platform

The app includes a VIP access feature

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is an excellent trading app with low per-share pricing. This is a versatile app that appeals to many different investors thanks to its low margin rates and wide range of tradable securities.

To make Interactive Brokers more appealing, investors can enjoy commission-free trading on ETF and stock trades.

Interactive Brokers Logo

Interactive Brokers Logo



Access to a wide range of investment opportunities

High fees for inactive traders

Many mutual funds with no transaction fees

The app has excellent tools and research options


IG was established in 1974 in the UK and has since grown into one of the largest CFD brokers in the world. IG is highly regulated in the UK and very safe to trade on. 

The IG web-trading platform is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. You get great educational tools and resources on CFD trading. However, the forex and CFD trading fees are pretty high, and the trading options are limited.

IG Logo



An excellent web-trading platform

The CFD and forex fees are high

Plenty of withdrawal and deposit options

The product portfolio is limited

Excellent educational tools available

Trading 212

Looking for the best trading app in the UK for beginners? Then Trading 212 comes highly recommended. This app offers some excellent global stock and ETF options with no commission fees.

Trading 212 has a $1 account minimum, a safe demo mode, and a very easy to use trading platform.

Trading 212 Logo

Trading 212 Logo



Commission-free trading available

The range of investment opportunities is limited

Easy to open an account and start trading

Simple to use platform that appeals to beginners

Fineco Bank

Fineco Bank offers an appealing trading platform for UK investors with its very low trading fees and user-friendly platform. Fineco Bank is a safe to use listed-broker. This broker only accepts users from Italy and the UK.

Beginner traders will enjoy using Fineco Bank due to the very easy to navigate trading platform. It also offers a good range of investment opportunities for varied trader portfolios.

Fineco Bank

Fineco Bank



Low non-trading fees

Charting tools available

The mobile trading platform is excellent

Educational tools on the app are limited

Trusted broker

Interactive Investor

Interactive Investor is the second-largest UK stockbroker. It is regulated by the FCA.

FCA offers an interactive trading app that is very easy to use. Customer support is excellent, and its fairly easy to get started for any traders in the UK. Unfortunately, Interactive Investor offers a fairly limited product portfolio.

Interactive Investor Logo

Interactive Investor Logo



Covers all the traditional investment products

Monthly account fee

The web trading platform is easy to use

Investment portfolio is limited to “traditional” products

Superior customer service

Analytics tools


Fidelity is a multinational services corporation that appeals to all kinds of investment strategies with its wide-ranging product portfolio. Fidelity offers commission-free trading, as well as fractional share trading.

The investment products include ETFs, stocks, options, mutual funds, and more. 

Fidelity Investments Logo

Fidelity Investments Logo



Good decision-making technology to make trading easier

Not the easiest platform for beginner traders to navigate

A wide range of investment products available

Commission-free trading available


XTB is a global forex and CFD broker based in London. Any UK traders interested in CFDs and forex will love this well-regulated, efficient platform. 

XTB offers very low fees on forex trades, and mostly free deposit and withdrawal fees. The product portfolio is fairly limited, and it doesn’t offer as much data as other trading apps. However, for a CFD and forex platform, you get a simple, efficient app for trading.

XTB logo

XTB logo



Quick and easy to open an account

A limited product portfolio

Low forex fees

Stock CFD trading has higher fees

Deposits and withdrawals are free

Lacks educational data

CMC Markets

This CFD and forex broker is regulated by the FCA and has a long track record. This platform offers very low forex fees and no charges for deposits and withdrawals. 

CMC Markets has top-quality web and mobile platforms for easy trading. They are packed with helpful features and are highly customizable to suit the needs of all kinds of investors. 

You also get a wide investment portfolio available, and many great features, research, and educational tools.

CMC Markets Logo

CMC Markets Logo



Forex fees are low

High stock CFD fees

The trading platform is wonderful to use

Opening an account is difficult

You get advanced education and research tools

A diverse investment portfolio available

As the name suggests, this trading app is heavily focused on forex trading. The platform is a top choice for high-volume traders, and may not appeal as much to beginners.

The forex fees are very low, and the app is easy to use. However, other trading options are limited. logo logo



Low forex fees

High stock CFD fees through the app

A wide range of currency pair options

A fairly limited product portfolio

Excellent research tools

Not the ideal trading app for beginners


FXTM, or ForexTime, is a global broker for forex and CFD trading. The platform is well-regulated, safe, and appealing to new traders.

This is due to the superior educational tools, live webinars to help you trade, as well as a risk-free demo account. FXTM is one of the easiest platforms to open an account and get started on.





Suitable for all levels of traders

High CFD fees

Easy to open an account

Withdrawals, deposits, and inactivity can also result in high fees

User-friendly trading app

Hargreaves Lansdown

Hargreaves Lansdown offers a thoughtful trading platform that is a pleasure to use. It has fantastic, well-structured educational tools and superior customer service.

If you are based in the UK, then Hargreaves Lansdown is a top option because accounts are only available in GBP. The easy to use trading platform appeals to beginners.

Hargreaves Lansdown Logo

Hargreaves Lansdown Logo



Excellent educational tools available

ETFs and stocks have high fees

User-friendly trading platform

The markets and products available could be improved

Customer service

Geared towards UK traders

What are Trading Apps?

Trading apps are platforms that can be accessed on your mobile device or computer that allow you to trade directly across various markets. These apps allow you to create a profile where you deposit funds into. 

You can then use the platform to invest directly in various markets at real-time prices. All transactions occur through the app. This gives you a single, simple platform for managing your entire portfolio. 

Different trading apps have different features and capabilities. You can also invest in certain markets and options through different apps. This includes things like stocks, forex, crypto, ETFs, and so on. These apps allow you to trade in real-time from anywhere, all off a single interface. 

How To Pick the Best Trading App?

There are loads of different trading platforms out there which can make it difficult to pick one. When looking for the best trading app in the UK, there are a few important considerations to make.

What Can You Trade?

Different trading apps offer access to different investment opportunities. You need to choose one that accommodates your investment strategy. For example, some apps focus on forex, CFDs, stocks, crypto, ETFs, etc.

Always make sure that the trading app you choose is suitable for your trading requirements.

Do You Want Trade or Invest?

Are you looking for a long term investment solution, or are you an active trader? How long you plan on holding the assets can determine the type of trading app that is best for you. Some apps focus on CFDs and others are more suitable for long-term investing.


Proper regulation is necessary to ensure that you trade through a safe and secure broker. Well regulated apps offer better transparency and security.

All of the apps listed above are properly monitored and regulated for safe use in the UK.

Fees & Commissions

The fees and commissions you pay on your trades can make a huge impact on your overall experience. Some apps offer zero commissions, some have monthly fees, and others have different commission structures based on the assets. 

You need to make sure that the fee and commission structure you choose aligns with your investment strategy. Otherwise, you may end up losing a large number of your returns to commissions.

Account Opening Process

The best trading app in the UK should offer an easy account opening process. Some apps allow you to quickly create an account completely digitally, while others can have more lengthy verification processes. 


The best trading apps should offer more than just investment opportunities, they should also have various other features and functions. 

This can include things like alerts, notifications, charts, watch lists, real-time data, news data, portfolio trackers, and more. These functions will ultimately help you to become a better trader making more informed decisions. 

Education & Research for Traders

You don’t want to be trading blindly on the app. Some of the best platforms offer great education and research tools to help traders better understand the process and to make wiser choices. This is particularly important for beginners. 

Order Execution Speeds

The best trading apps should be fast and efficient. You trade at real-time prices, and sometimes need to be very quick when buying and selling. For this reason, execution speeds are essential. This is particularly important for very active traders. 

Leverage Available

Leverage trading, or margin trading, allows you to open positions larger than the capital you have available. Some traders rely on leverage trading for their strategies, so it might be important that your app supports this. 

Order Types

Different trading apps have different order types available. This can include things like market orders, limit orders, trailing stop, and so on. Always check out the order types first to make sure that the app works with your trading strategy.

Account Minimums

How much money do you need to start trading and open an account? Some apps have no account minimum, some have very low ones, and others are reserved for larger amounts of capital.

Knowing what you have to invest in is important before choosing an app because you need to make sure that the app will accommodate your capital needs.

Do They Offer Demo Accounts

Demo accounts allow you to trade at real-time market prices as though it was real, but with fake money. This allows you to get a feel for the app in a risk-free setting. Demo accounts are great for beginners.

Deposit Methods

How you can deposit and withdraw money is important to the app you choose. You need to make sure that the deposit methods suit your bank or your preferred methods of payment. Also, take a look at deposit and withdrawal fees.

Customer Support

The best trading apps should offer great customer support. This is important, especially when risk and money are involved. The user experience of the app will make a big difference.

Ease Of Use

The web trading platform should be easy to navigate and use. You do not want to get lost and stuck, feeling helpless while investing. Some apps are crystal clear and enjoyable, while others can be quite difficult to grasp.

Do They Offer Copy Trading?

Some apps, such as eToro, allow you to follow other traders and copy their moves. This can be a really helpful feature for any new users. If you are unsure about online trading, having copy trading available can be a big benefit.

What is the Difference Between Forex Trading Apps and the Stock Trading Apps?

This goes back to what investment opportunities the app offers. Some apps focus on trading in foreign exchange markets, and others may focus on trading in the stock market. Some focus on both. Choose an option that works with your strategy.

What is the Best Stock Trading App in the UK?

Out of all the available options, we would have to recommend eToro. eToro is incredibly user-friendly, and it offers a huge range of global shares. You can buy and sell shares traditionally, or trade share CFDs with up to 1:5 leverage.

eToro also offers great features like their 0% commissions on stocks, copy trading, and social messaging. 

Which Trading App is best for Beginners?

Again, eToro is our top choice for beginner traders. This is largely thanks to the apps copy trading feature that allows you to follow successful traders and learn from their moves.

There is also a demo mode and plenty of helpful tools and resources for beginner traders. The platform is very user-friendly to operate too.

Best Day Trading App in the UK?

We would recommend Plus500 for day traders in the UK. This app is suitable for active trading thanks to its efficient platform. You get plenty of great CFD trading options and can enjoy commission-free trading.

Best For Forex Trading UK

We recommend AvaTrade for any avid forex traders in the UK. AvaTrade offers great forex fees and plenty of currency options. This app is fast, easy to use, and perfect for keeping up to date with the foreign exchange market.

Best For Copy Trading

eToro is certainly the best trading app when it comes to copy trading. You can follow any successful trader that you admire, and set your profile to automatically copy their movements. This can be an easy technique for success.


Are Trading Apps Safe?

Yes, trading apps are safe as long as they are properly regulated. All of the apps listed above are regulated at a high standard. There is always risk involved with trading, but this is something that traders need to understand before getting started.

Do Day Traders Pay Tax In The UK?

There is no specific tax set for day trading in the UK. Taxing here will depend on which specific instrument you are using to trade in the markets. 

How Do I Start Trading In The UK?

The best trading app will offer you a great opportunity for getting started with trading. Try to choose an app that has a demo mode – this can be an excellent, safe introduction to trading at real market prices without the risk.

Is Day Trading Legal in the UK?

Yes, day trading is completely legal. Just make sure that you trade through a registered and properly regulated broker.

How to Buy Shares?

Online stock brokers allow you to buy shares directly through them. Simply choose a good online stock brokerage, understand the shares you want to buy, and you can purchase them.
How to Buy and Hold?

This is when you buy stocks and hold them for the long term. Make sure that your trading app is supportive of this kind of long-term strategy without unnecessary fees.
How to Day Trade Shares?
You can day trade shares through trading apps by buying at the start of the day and closing all transactions by the end of the day. This requires consistent monitoring of the share prices.

Who Regulates Brokers in the UK?

The Finacial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the main body for regulating brokers based in the UK.

How Much Do I Need To Start Trading?

This depends on the trading platform you are using and what you want to buy and sell. Some platforms allow you to start trading at a very low minimum, while others require a significant amount of capital. The more money you trade with, the more opportunity you have for higher returns.

How do CFDs work?

A Contract for Difference (CFD) is when the investor and broker exchange the difference in the value of a product between the time the transaction opens and when it closes.

What are Funds (Unit Trusts and OEICs)?

Funds are professionally managed investment accounts where many investors buy-in, and the manager pools the money to invest in a range of different investments. This is a safe, good long-term strategy. 

What is an Investment Trust?

This is a type of company that sells its shares to investors and then puts that money together to invest in shares and assets.

What is an ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund)?

An ETF is a type of investment fund and an exchange-traded product found on the stock exchange. They are similar to mutual funds and are traded throughout the day. 

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