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Only through adapting can small businesses thrive in this uncertain economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced small business decisions, especially with the need for remote working models. Small businesses have adopted various strategies to stay afloat in the competitive market. Here are 5 small business trends for 2021 that your small business needs to adopt.

Cloud-Based Services

Having everything in the cloud gives small businesses much-needed agility. In an uncertain economy and constantly evolving customer needs, cloud-based services place all the business information at your fingertips. This helps small businesses to notice and respond to changing circumstances in time.  

Cloud-based solutions are essential for synchronizing a work-from-home and office model. What’s more, cloud-based services come with many benefits, including team collaboration, network security, on-demand data analysis, and lower operational costs.

Digital Presence And Social Media

It is up to small businesses to leverage the internet, from using a website, creating a business profile, and engaging social media users. And while at it, digital marketers are set to invest even more in data-driven digital marketing campaigns, including paid ads and social media marketing.  

Consumers use social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube) to make purchasing decisions. So, marketers are investing more in increasing customer engagement across their social media platforms.

Virtual Efficiency With Remote Work

COVID-19 has been a game-changer in the business world. With most businesses shifting part of their operations to remote workers, there is a dire need for virtual efficiency. Virtual teams need to synchronize their activities to ensure consistency in customer satisfaction and business revenue. One successful virtualization option for remote staff is cloud-based phone services. For example, Ooma business services allow remote workers to share the same phone to receive and make calls on their smartphones and desktops. The service also features a virtual receptionist to route customer calls to the right department. Such efficiency in handling customer communications ensure customer satisfaction remains uninterrupted.


Even though your business does not sell a product, you can still earn through affiliate programs. With 4.6 billion internet users, there is a massive opportunity for businesses to thrive on eCommerce. Small businesses are making partnerships with other businesses to supplement their product or service. If you already have an eCommerce site, it’s time to improve your site’s user experience.

Cashless Payment Options

The COVID-19 aftermath is here to stay. Businesses have embraced cashless payment options as the new normal, including digital wallet payments and touchless credit card and debit card payments. Though COVID-19 regulations fueled paperless transactions, small businesses have discovered the immense benefits of electronic payments. The automation of payments is easier to manage, saves time, and ensures transparency. Small businesses can take control of their money through electronic payment options.

As small businesses take advantage of evolving technology, the focus has never shifted from customer satisfaction. Small businesses that invest in customer satisfaction, including providing quality products or services, responding to customer feedback, and excellent customer service, will always stay on top. Rather than struggle to gain new customers, small businesses need to focus on retaining their customers.

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