LuLaRich: What To Watch If You Liked The Amazon Docuseries – CinemaBlend

Money Explained (Netflix)

Launched in 2018, the Netflix docuseries Explained has taken deep dives into everything from music to the world’s water crisis and chess to hurricanes, and just about anything in between with an informative yet fun approach. In that time, the streaming giant has also released more specialized collections including ones on the COVID-19 pandemic, sex, and most recently, money. This five-episode series tackles topics that include get rich quick schemes, credit cards, student loans, and much more, providing information that helps you better understand each.

The “Get Rich Quick” episode of Money Explained is especially pertinent to anyone who just finished LuLaRich as it quickly breaks down things like pyramid schemes, how people become involved, and how they become trapped in a system that essentially only benefits those at the top.

Stream Money Explained on Netflix.

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