Florida supplement company joins forces with prominent biohacker for enzyme supplement – NutraIngredients-usa.com

The brand holder, MD Logic Wellness, focuses on a line of supplements made by a contract manufacturer located in Long Island.  The brand holder claims the facility holds a GMP certificate issued by NSF.

MD Logic health advertises an affiliate marketing program on its website.  Participants receive commissions for supplements sold into their contact networks.

Partnering with prominent podcaster

The new partnership was signed with prominent diet blogger and podcaster Melanie Avalon, who at one time was an actress doing small parts on TV programs and in films.

Avalon has leveraged her experiences in trying to maintain the svelte physique called for in on camera work into a thriving online presence in the nutrition influencer world.  The tagline for her website — “paleo – intermittent fasting – wine”​ — appears to hit all of the latest hot buttons.

Avalon’s website features links to her podcasts, which she brands as ‘The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast,’ of which she has now posted 120.  She has interviewed subject matter experts such as functional medicine practitioner Dr Anthony Beck and bestselling diet book author Robb Wolf.  MD Logic claimed in a statement that Avalon’s podcasts (she has a second focused on fasting) have been downloaded more than 15 million times.

The MD Logic-Avalon project extends to a new standalone product based on serrapeptase, an enzyme secreted by a bacteria species first isolated from a silkworm.  The enzyme has been on the market in a somewhat under the radar fashion for years.  

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